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Selected businesses are using Offline-Retargeting to successfully reach potential new customers as early as the pilot phase – without login or address information. It provides an automated way to reach unknown website visitors with individualized physical mailings.
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Erwin Müller
Erwin Müller

Tracking down the leavers

Erwin Müller uses Offline-Retargeting and follow-up mailings to reach non-buyers on their website

„We’re very excited about Offline-Retargeting as a way to re-engage with non-buyers on our site, and even acquire new customers.“

Andreas Plohmann, Marketing Director, Erwin Müller

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Berge & Meer
Berge und Meer Logo

Highly effective retargeting

Berge & Meer decided to test Offline-Retargeting to reach website visitors who showed interest in high-end travel tours and cruises, but did not actually book a trip.

„The results of the first campaign were enough to convince us. The target-group logic and optimization options are a good fit with our marketing strategy.“

Gereon Krahn, Head of Direct Sales, Berge [3] Meer Touristik GmbH

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Offline-Retargeting boosts image campaign

„The Offline-Retargeting image campaign was a great way to support and encourage members already volunteering their time, and encourage potential donors to give financial support. We particularly liked the automated mailing trigger following a visit to the website, as well as the simple, straightforward execution of Deutsche Post’s full-service campaign.“

Achim Wiese, Director of Association Communications and Fundraising, Press Officer, DLRG

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Logo Küchenquelle

Offline retargeting for higher revenues

„Offline-Retargeting allowed us to re-engage with unknown new customers with a targeted mailing campaign. With high consultancy rates we were able to generate a satisfactory number of sales. This opens up a scalable channel to add as an integral part of our channel mix.“

Claudia Ratschmeier, Head of Brand [3] Communications, Küchenquelle GmbH

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Logo Renault

Automated retargeting boosts buying interest

Offline-Retargeting gave Renault a targeted way to connect offline with interested website visitors – a print mailing offering recipients a free test drive at a nearby Renault dealer. Renault was impressed by the streamlined, automated processes and high response rate to the campaign – and decided to use Offline-Retargeting year round.

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Logo Madeleine

Turning undecided website visitors into new customers

„With Offline-Retargeting we have found another interesting channel for new customer acquisition. We particularly like the cross-media approach that allows us to target website visitors, who have already showed some interest but are still undecided, and reach out to them again offline.“

Susanne Ballandt, Head of Sales, MADELEINE Mode GmbH

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Logo Sanicare

An automated solution to engage potential new customers via print mailing

„Offline-Retargeting allowed us to engage a large number of unknown new customers with targeted a print mailing campaign. The incentivization was enough to move some of them to make a purchase. We believe this is a good tool for engaging qualified new customers, and plan to use it again in the future.“

Linda Becker, Store Manager, SANICARE

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How print supports e-commerce

„Offline-Retargeting allows us to engage in and positively influence the decision process of unknown website visitors. The prompt follow-up offline led to greater customer activation and conversion with a very good CPO. We will certainly use Offline-Retargeting again in the future to acquire new customers.“

Tobias Lorenz, Marketing /CRM Manager, POLO Motorrad und Sportswear GmbH

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