Locate unknown website users by microcell

A user visits the website of a bank to learn about opening a new account, but does not yet fill out an application. By marking the visitor with the CONSENTRIC cookie, the bank can send all residents in the visitor’s microcell a print mailing with a special offer for a checking account.


Reach out to potential buyers automatically

A jeweler’s website allows users to configure their own engagement ring. A visitor to the site begins configuring a ring, but does not log in, and leaves the site before making a purchase. Shortly thereafter, the relevant target group receives a physical mailing with a highly relevant offer for engagement rings – delivered right to their mailbox!


Engage your website visitors with individualized mailings

Potential new customers visit a car company’s website to learn more about their next dream car and use the car configurator feature. But without a login event, the company cannot identify the visitors and support them in their decision ... and they end up leaving the website. With TRIGGERIMPULS, a physical mailing – e.g. with the latest product catalog or offer for a test drive – is generated automatically and sent to interested parties shortly after their visit to the site.

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