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Unbekannte Besucher zu Neukunden machen

Turn unknown website visitors into new customers.

Offline-Retargeting lets you reach out to website users via postal mail – even without login or address information.

Use a mailing to reach potential new customers at just the right time

Potential new customers visit your website and show interest for your product or service, but leave without making a purchase. Until now, the only way to reach these users was through online retargeting, with diminishing impact. Increase your conversion rate with Offline-Retargeting – Retarget potential customers with print mailings, an attention-grabbing channel to add to your media mix. You not only boost the relevance of your message, but also trigger positive emotions in your recipients with multi-sensory physical mailings.

Turn unknown visitors to your site into new customers. With our offline retargeting, we use state-of-the-art technology to localize website users in compliance with data protection laws. Through their browsing behavior, internet users activate a trigger and then automatically receive a personalized print mailing tailored to their interests. This allows you to reach them via postal mail with a targeted offer right after they’ve demonstrated interest on your site – a great way to generate valuable new customers.

Offline-Retargeting offers a range of benefits:

  • A more relevant ad message and higher response rates thanks to smart targeting
  • Turn new users into customers (check against existing customers included)
  • Win new customers with efficient retargeting
  • Reliable delivery of your mailings
  • Multi-sensory/emotional print mailings for a more lasting impact

How Offline-Retargeting works

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Examples of how you can use Offline-Retargeting:

Retargeting via print mailing to reach potential new customers at the right time and with the right content.

Example use cases

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