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Numerous businesses already rely on TRIGGERDIALOG for effective communication with their existing customers. Whether you’re welcoming and activating newly acquired customers, or looking for some effective cross-selling and upselling, engaging via printed mail always pays off. Check out the testimonials to learn more from these delighted users.



Personalized ads pay off

Cross-channel campaign has noticeable impact on subscriptions for VNR publishing house

"Our experience so far with print mailings using optivo and Deutsche Post has been very positive. They understood and responded to our needs, and were there to support through the entire print campaign. We were really impressed by how easy it is to personalize the mailings, and by the short production lead times. We can definitely imagine working with them more in the future."

Josephine Jaguste, Product Management Business Development B2B at VNR

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Hellweg Baumarkt

Automated innovation

Cross-media campaign with trigger-based print mailings promotes renovation services at just the right time.

„Thanks to Triggerdialog, we have developed a solution together with Deutsche Post that makes it possible to reach our customers with needs-based, personalised print offers in just two days. Since this approach was not only quite economically successful but also easy on our marketing resources thanks to the automation of the process, the solution has become an established part of our marketing innovations.”

Jan Buse, CRM & eCommerce, Hellweg

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Logo Shop Apotheke

Success for a good cause

Shop-Apotheke uses online/offline combination to successfully engage with customers

"We use print advertising on a regular basis. But our cross-media campaign to reach out to selected newsletter subscribers by postal mail was new. And it was great that we could combine our campaign with a good cause. We are very satisfied with the results and saw a very positive uplift in conversions."

Patrick Schneider, Head of Sales at shop-apotheke.com

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Effective engagement

Hubert used addressed print mailings for the first time to successfully boost website traffic.

„TRIGGERDIALOG is perfect for reaching out to specific audiences in a targeted way. Ours is a highly competitive market and very much online, and it’s not easy to reach our target group of restaurants, caterers and canteens. We were particularly pleased with the support we got from the TRIGGERDIALOG team and the printer.“

Martin Hepp, Managing Director, Hubert Europa Service GmbH

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Logo Polo

Reactivation mailshots generate a 5% response rate

To reactivate club members, Polo sent individualized mailings reminding members of their (respective) club points – and achieved a response rate of 5%.

"We serve our customers via newsletter featuring individualized content and offers, and were looking for a print solution as well. For us, TRIGGERDIALOG offered an effective, automated solution for managing print mailings from our CRM system. We were very impressed by the many options for personalizing and creating different variations of the mailings."

Simon Meyer, Marketing Director [2] CRM POLO Motorrad und Sportswear GmbH

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Above-average reactivation

Sanicare used physical mailings for the first time to reach out to inactive customers – and achieved an uplift of 3%.

"The Triggerdialog module from Deutsche Post, in combination with emarsys, provides an easy, effective and automated solution for changing media and reaching inactive customers and newsletter subscribers."

Christine Ahuis-Reckordt, Email Marketing Manager, SANICARE-Versandapotheke

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DA Direkt

Da Direkt Logo

Cross-channel dialog marketing solution

Highly successful retargeting through combination of print and email marketing

„Our tests have shown that TRIGGERDIALOG is easy to use, fast and flexible, and good for both one-time and longer-term campaigns. We are very satisfied with this way of reminding target groups with a physical mailing, and plan to use the service now throughout the year.“

Frank Steinke, DA Direkt Insurance

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Triggerdialog-Partner Otto

Smart combination of digital and analog

Whether Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day or Easter – no matter the occasion for OTTO’s ad campaign, the managed service from TRIGGERDIALOG gave customers a way to get involved and surprise friends and family with a fun postcard in their mailbox.

„We were looking for a smart way to bring an element of ‘analog’ into our digital campaigns for a number of different occasions. We chose TRIGGERDIALOG, in large part because of the flexibility offered by its many personalization options.“

Lars Friedrichs, Project Manager, OTTO

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