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You’ll rock your marketing from now on with marketing automation for more customized management of your print mailings. We have partnerships with various providers like artegic, Emarsys, Episerver, Mautic und promio.net, who have integrated the physical mailing option into the digital trigger chain via API. Print mailings combine with many other channels, and online and offline come together to create the perfect sound. Create your campaign, design your ads and engage your audience individually based on customer data.

"We consider the integration of physical mailings into a marketing automation system as the logical next step when it comes to bridging online and offline worlds." says Dirk Görtz, Vice President of Dialog Marketing at Deutsche Post. "Advertising customers benefit from highly relevant ads thanks to this data-driven, individualized and automated solution."

For our partners, personalization and real-time communication would be unthinkable without marketing automation. Why? See for yourself:

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