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For the TRIGGERDIALOG service, Deutsche Post works with its partner optivo, the leading e-mail and marketing automation specialist. A TRIGGERDIALOG campaign is set up in the optivo® broadmail marketing automation system.

Using this software, you can create and control campaigns yourself. Or you can use the full-service option, in which optivo experts will help you to implement your campaign.

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Welcome newly acquired customers with product vouchers

With TRIGGERDIALOG, you can surprise your new customers! In addition to their welcome e-mail, send them addressed advertising mailings. Your newly acquired customers will also automatically receive, for example, a postcard displaying introductory offers or a voucher, depending on the value of their first order.

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Activate your customers to buy more in the long-term

Existing customers want to be inspired. With TRIGGERDIALOG, tell your customers about other products that may be of interest to them. Depending on their buying cycle or buying history, send them highly personalized vouchers by post or e-mail for related products.

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Communicate using your customers' preferred channel

With TRIGGERDIALOG, you can communicate using your customers' preferred channel! For example, there are customers who place regular orders via your catalog, but respond only rarely, or not at all, to electronic communication. A pre-automated TRIGGERDIALOG campaign recognizes which communication channel is preferred by every single customer. So customers that respond better to print-based communication will receive an activation postcard, for example.

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Reactivate customers systematically

Give more attention to your inactive customers! With TRIGGERDIALOG, create multi-level reactivation campaigns. You can define systematic trigger chains, for example depending on the customer's value. In doing so, combine postal mailings with e-mails. You specify the timing and response levels. Once programmed, the system generates communication triggers that are automatically tuned to your customers' behavior.

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