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Personal occasions, personalized approach

Whether tailored to specific customers or special occasions, automated print mailings reach your target audience.

There are plenty of good reasons for automated print mailings

Your customers are unique individuals with different desires in their product selections and different preferences in their buying behavior.

This is exactly where mailing automation starts, by accounting for these differences and offering different triggers for the automated dispatch of your print mailings. This applies to the medium (coupons, discount codes, information, etc.) and the occasion (new customer, birthday, new collection, etc.).


Welcome new customers with shopping vouchers

Surprise your new customers with an automated print mailing! In addition to the usual welcome e-mail, send them addressed print mailings. For example, depending on the value of their first order, newly acquired customers automatically receive a postcard with introductory offers or a shopping voucher.


Inspire customers to make further purchases

Existing customers want to be inspired. You can use automated print mailings to inform customers about other products that might interest them, or use them to send vouchers for related products, based specifically on the customer's buying cycle and purchase history.


Communicate via preferred channels

With your marketing automation system, you can communicate using your customer's preferred channel. Some customers, for example, might order regularly from your catalog, but respond to digital communications only rarely or not at all. A pre-automated campaign recognizes the preferred communications channel for each individual customer. Then customers who respond better to print-based communication can automatically receive a promotional postcard, for example.


Reactivate customers systematically

Pay more attention to your inactive customers. Set up multi-stage reactivation campaigns in your marketing automation system. Define systematic trigger chains based on such factors as customer value. You can combine print mailings with e-mails and specify the timing and response levels. Once programmed, the system generates communication triggers that are automatically tailored to customer behavior.

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