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Answers to frequently asked questions about the TRIGGERDIALOG service are available on a structured basis on this page. Click through the questions to find out details.

What is new about TRIGGERDIALOG?
  • TRIGGERDIALOG is enabling Deutsche Post to send addressed advertising mailings automatically, based on customer behavior, for the first time.
  • The smart combination of printed advertising mailings and digital channels in the optivo® broadmail marketing automation system from our partner optivo generates reinforcer effects that boost the impact of advertising.
  • An individual, tailor-made advertising mailing can be generated for every single customer, depending on the trigger.
  • Images that are personalized for specific customers are also possible.
  • An individual advertising mailing is generated for every end customer based on the trigger and default settings.
  • The advertising mailings generated in this way are then transferred automatically to Deutsche Post for production and dispatch.
  • The advertising mailing not only includes up-to-date, customized content, but is also delivered at a time which is of particular interest to the customer.
What are triggers?
  • Triggers are rules or behaviors of existing customers that are identified by the system and that can be used to address customers individually.
  • Such rules may be things that are particular to the customer, such as birthdays or anniversaries, but also types of behavior, such as buying in the online shop, clicking on certain goods or a login.
  • Based on these triggers, the dispatch of an advertising mailing is initiated.
  • The triggers that initiate the dispatch of a printed advertising mailing can be defined individually in the optivo® broadmail marketing automation system.
Why is the TRIGGERDIALOG service only offered in conjunction with optivo® broadmail?
  • For the TRIGGERDIALOG service, Deutsche Post works with its partner optivo. Printed advertising mailings are available as a media type in the browser-based optivo software for TRIGGERDIALOG. The software meets all the criteria needed to control data-driven advertising mailings based on individual templates.
  • A Deutsche Post subsidiary established in output management produces the advertising mailings. State-of-the-art printers ensure top digital print quality with automated production workflows.
  • Delivery by Deutsche Post ensures end customers receive the advertising mailings to our usual reliable standard.
How are the data prepared and what interfaces are available to advertisers and agencies?
  • Providing data is very easy using a simple upload via SFTP.
  • In addition, optivo® broadmail also offers a range of API interfaces (HTTP, SOAP, etc.) for automatic data provision for TRIGGERDIALOG.
  • In addition, interfaces to other systems that can be used for trigger campaigns are available to advertisers and agencies.
What is the production process for a mailing?
  • When a trigger initiates an advertising mailing, the configured data is transferred from optivo to an output management Deutsche Post subsidiary, which prints the mailing.
  • The production process is defined in terms of time such that advertising mailings are processed, produced, and transferred for delivery on a daily basis.
Exactly how does the personalized creation of printed advertising mailings in optivo® broadmail work?
  • The printed advertising mailings are created individually from HTML-based templates.
  • Basically, the configuration and control work in exactly the same way as e-mails in optivo® broadmail.
    For further details, watch our video
What print formats can be ordered?
  • Traditional advertising mailings (A4) with one to three sheets, printed on one side or both sides; sent in a DL window envelope
  • Postcard formats: DL postcard and DL postcard in an envelope, A6 postcard and Maxi postcard
Can I send a TRIGGERDIALOG mailing abroad?
  • The current initial version does not allow for sending abroad.

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