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Online planning and long-term impact

Print mailings have a long shelf life – whether it’s on your refrigerator or just in your head. According to a CMC study, print-based dialog marketing campaigns can achieve a conversion rate of 10% or more.


Seamless integration and high performance

Print mailings are a high-quality media channel with a long-term impact. And, thanks to print mailing automation, they can be digitally integrated.


Easy design and personalized approach

A wide range of customization options: address field (BASIC), personalized text variables (PLUS) or full customization (UNIQUE).

Print mailing automation – the best of both worlds

Print mailings generate greater awareness and have a substantially longer impact than online advertising. With print mailing automation, your campaigns can be seamlessly integrated into existing marketing automation systems, where you can easily plan, configure and manage them. Mailing customization is based completely on your personal needs. The launch of the print mailing campaign is trigger-based and automatic – i.e., according to rules you define. 

Print mailing automation: easy integration and multiple benefits*

  • Conversion rate of 10% or more
  • A wide range of customization options and extensive automation
  • Brand contact for months at a time with print mailings
  • Coverage of up to 100% of your current customers via their mailboxes
  • Higher shopping cart totals from print mailings

*Sources: CMC Dialogpost Study 2019 and 2020

How print mailing automation works

1. Set up a campaign
The print mailing is set up as a campaign in your marketing automation system.

2. Configure
Use print mailing automation to configure the mailing to match what you want and what your customers need.

3. Design
Use the web editor to design the print mailing. Or upload your design as an InDesign file or a PDF. 

4. Approve
When your mailing is ready, all you have to do is approve it in your marketing automation system.

5. Print and dispatch
Once your mailing has been approved, it will be automatically produced and dispatched.


Get inspired!

Campaign ideas

A vast range of occasions and aims can serve as triggers for the automated production and dispatch of your print mailings.
A couple of ideas for different campaigns include welcoming new customers, activating existing customers, and more.

Discover campaign ideas


Print mailing automation has proven itself as an effective print-based dialog marketing tool for many customers. Check out the testimonials to learn more from our delighted users.

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