Reach customers on an automated, yet tailor-made basis

Increase your advertising impact! With TRIGGERDIALOG, you can send trigger-based advertising mailings by post.


Win back customers

Inactive customers need attention! With TRIGGERDIALOG, you can re-motivate them on several levels. With a customized mix of trigger e-mails and addressed advertising mailings.


Welcome your customers and get noticed

New customers want to be surprised! With TRIGGERDIALOG, welcome newly acquired customers with a voucher by post.


Customized activation

Existing customers are looking for inspiration. With TRIGGERDIALOG, activate them to make follow-up purchases by using addressed advertising mailings, based on previous purchases.

Reach your customers at the right time

TRIGGERDIALOG allows you to send out trigger-based addressed advertising mailings. The communication is controlled based on rules that you define. Once programmed, dispatch of the mail shipments is performed automatically. It can be combined with trigger e-mails in line with your requirements. The post and e-mail campaigns are, of course, linked in terms of schedule and content. With TRIGGERDIALOG, your advertising impact will improve verifiably. Practical tests have shown significant uplift effects.

The benefits for you

  • More relevance for your advertising message
  • Significant uplift for your advertising impact
  • Automatic campaign control
  • High-quality production of addressed advertising mailings
  • Fast and reliable delivery


Let us inspire you

Campaign ideas

Discover examples of campaigns using TRIGGERDIALOG: welcome new customers, activate existing customers, and more. TRIGGERDIALOG makes it possible.

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