Reach your target group in high-consumption regions

Reach a very broad target group that responds very well to advertising

This is possible because EINKAUFAKTUELL is aimed at large and small households, single people and families, older and younger consumers – in other words, everyone who consumes:

  • 63 % women and 37 % men
  • Above-average number of people over 40 years
  • 68 % with a net household income of EUR 2,000 or more

At the same time, readers are very open to advertising:

  • They pay more attention to print advertising if they are thinking of making new purchases.
  • Generally speaking, advertising has often already drawn their attention to products of interest.
  • They think advertising is credible and useful, and it gives them an incentive to buy.

Source: Best4Planning 2017 III. Main unit is the German-speaking population aged 14 or over = 70.09 million,  n = 30.121, study showing the coverage: AWA 2018.