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POSTWURFSPEZIAL – formats, charges and minimum volumes

The product brochure also contains all the information about the conditions and other details of POSTWURFSPEZIAL.

Formats & charges

Easy to calculate

POSTWURFSPEZIAL has two formats and eight basic price levels, so it is easy to calculate costs.

Formats Prices per item 1) Weight 2) Dimensions




up to 20 g
21 - 50 g
L: 150 - 235 mm
W: 90 - 125 mm
H: up to 5 mm

Rectangular only 4)


up to 50 g
51 - 100 g
101 - 250 g
251 - 500 g
501 - 1.000 g
L: 140 - 353 mm
W: 90 - 250 mm
H: up to 20 mm

Square shape possible 5)


1) All prices are subject to statutory value added tax.
2) Weights should be rounded up to whole grams.
3) The price of the POSTWURFSPEZIAL card depends on the chosen card size and the permitted grammage. The maximum grammage of 500 g/m² must be complied with. The POSTWURFSPEZIAL card is a one-piece mail item (not a double postcard) in which all information on the mail item is visible from the outside.
4) The length must be at least 1.4 times the width.
5) If the sides measure more than 140 mm up to a maximum of 250 mm.

POSTWURFSPEZIAL optional add-on

Note that: Surcharges are not included in the item franking. Payment is made at the time of posting.

  Surcharge 1)


+ €0.05/item Small volumes from 5,000 to 19,999 items

Production surcharge

+ €0.05/item  

1) All prices are subject to statutory value added tax.

Minimum volumes & sorting

Minimum volumes

Volume Region
20,000 items with POSTWURFSPEZIAL throughout Germany (without surcharge)
5,000 to 19,999 items with POSTWURFSPEZIAL EASY throughout Germany (with low-volume surcharge)
Piktogramm Business

Optimize postage costs

If you do not reach the relevant minimum volumes, you can pay the difference. The price you pay is the basic price plus any surcharges.

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