POSTWURFSPEZIAL – formats, charges and minimum volumes

Important and useful information – presented so it is clear and easy to read. The product brochure also contains all the information about the conditions and other details of POSTWURFSPEZIAL.

Formats and charges

Easy to calculate

POSTWURFSPEZIAL has two formats and seven basic price levels, so it is easy to calculate costs.

Formats Prices per item 1) Weight 2) Dimensions


€ 0.13
€ 0.15
up to 20 g
21 - 50 g
L: 148 - 235 mm
W: 90 - 125 mm
H: bis 5 mm

rectangular only 3)


€ 0.17
€ 0.25
€ 0.35
€ 0.45
€ 0.60
up to 50 g
51 - 100 g
101 - 250 g
251 - 500 g
501 - 1.000 g
L: 140 - 353 mm
W: 90 - 250 mm
H: bis 20 mm

Square possible 4)

1) All prices exclude statutory VAT.
2) Weights should be rounded up to whole grams.
3) The length must be at least 1.4 times the width.
4) If the sides measure more than 140 mm up to a maximum of 250 mm.

POSTWURFSPEZIAL optional add-on

Note that surcharges are not included in the item franking Payment is made at the time of posting.

  Surcharge 1)


+ € 0.03 / per item Small volumes from 4,000 to 19,999 items

Unsuitable for automation

+ € 0.03 / per item  

1) All prices exclude statutory VAT.

Suitable for automation

To process your advertising mail, Deutsche Post uses sorting systems that are capable of fully-automated sorting. To be compatible with machine processing, POSTWURFSPEZIAL items must be fully suitable for automation in both the Standard and the Large basic formats.

POSTWURFSPEZIAL items that differ from the shapes and dimensions of the specified basic formats, as well as items that do not have straight outer edges, may be posted as creative special formats. This incurs an "Unsuitable for automation" surcharge.

If items are not suitable for automation and cause disruption during machine processing, the payable surcharge can be imposed retrospectively within four weeks of the day of posting for the entire posted volume of the order.


Suitability for automation is determined as follows:

  • Machine readability (typeface, arrangement, background and setting of the writing)
  • Layout of the address side (separation into zones and design requirements of the address side)
  • Compatibility with machine processing (content and external characteristics of the item)

Items in the Standard basic format up to 20g must be fully suitable for automation. Items in the Standard basic format exceeding 20g and in the Large basic format must meet the requirements of machine readability and layout on the address side. Machinability is desirable but not mandatory. For more information see the POSTWURFSPEZIAL product brochure.

Minimum volumes and sorting

Minimum volumes

Volume Region
4,000 to 19,999 items POSTWURFSPEZIAL EASY Nationwide (with surcharge)
20,000 items POSTWURFSPEZIAL Nationwide

Optimize postage costs

If you do not reach the relevant minimum volumes, you can pay the difference. The price you pay is the basic price plus any surcharges.

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