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POSTAKTUELL - Dimensions, weights, and prices

Important and useful information – at a glance. All information on terms & conditions, as well as additional details on POSTAKTUELL, can also be found in the product brochure.


You can find all useful information here from A for address through to Z for zonal delivery of your POSTAKTUELL shipments.

Dimensions, weights, and prices

Dimensions and weights

With POSTAKTUELL distribution, two areas can be selected:

Core area: Postal code areas in Germany with high addressable market potential.
Peripheral area: All remaining postal code areas in Germany with medium to low addressable market potential.

In order to carry out your advertising campaign as smoothly as possible with POSTAKTUELL, please comply with the rules on dimensions and weights:

Dimensions Length Width Thickness (height) Weight
Minimum dimensions 140 mm 90 mm - max. 1,000 g
Max. dimensions
353 mm 250 mm 30 mm max. 1,000 g



Upon request, we can collect your unaddressed shipments from your doorstep. The transport price depends on the distance from the nearest posting office for POSTAKTUELL shipments. Starting March 1, 2022, an additional pickup fee of EUR5 per pallet will be charged for postings from 5 metric tons/pickup order.

Pallet storage

Take advantage of Deutsche Post storage facilities for your pallets of POSTAKTUELL items. This can free up your own storage capacity, e.g. for coordinating larger POSTAKTUELL campaigns. We store pallets for up to 30 days. The price per pallet is €6.99 per 30 days, plus VAT. 


POSTAKTUELL: Set up and launch your household advertising – including high-quality printing – all online!

You configure the print file and specify the delivery areas online – we do the rest for you!*

Launch your household advertising online

* In cooperation with FLYERALARM

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