POSTAKTUELL - Dimensions, weights, and prices

Important and useful information – at a glance. All information on terms & conditions, as well as additional details on POSTAKTUELL, can also be found in the product brochure.


You can find all useful information here from A for address through to Z for zonal delivery of your POSTAKTUELL shipments.


This version of POSTAKTUELL MANAGER provides you with a software package that allows simple and efficient distribution of your household advertising.You can define your target areas with current household figures, maps, and structural data. The current number of shipments and costs are displayed at all times. You also receive all necessary dispatch documents for posting.

Overview of the functions:

  • Selection of locations, town districts, postal code areas, and delivery districts
  • Current household figures
  • Calculation of units and costs
  • Optimization of bundles and pallet preparation

You can find additional details here.



With the web tool, you can create the dispatch documents for POSTAKTUELL shipments entirely online with a few clicks. On the basis of permanently up-to-date household figures and maps, you can choose the ideal regions for brochure distribution of your household advertising - according to selected postal codes or near to your retail outlet.


  • Distribution planning and dispatch documentation in one
  • Have your dispatch documentation printed out in only a few steps
  • No software installation

You can find the POSTAKTUELL web tool here.

Dispatch preparation


Because POSTAKTUELL items are not addressed, please label the items on the outside of the largest surface, based on the selected target group, as follows:
„An alle Haushalte/To all households“ or „Postaktuell – Alle/All –“
„An Haushalte mit Tagespost/To households with daily mail service“ or „Postaktuell – TagesP/Daily mail service –“
POSTAKTUELL shipments must be packed in bundles in such a way that they qualify as letter mail, are protected against loss or damage, and do not cause any loss or damage to third parties. The bundles must be prepared at the delivery district level. POSTAKTUELL MANAGER provides support for this.

Bundles can be boxes or shipments that are securely fastened with plastic straps in a criss-cross fashion.

The bundles must not loosen during transport and during the necessary transshipment processes. Maximum weight per bundle: 10 kg.

Marking with bundle routing labels:

The necessary data for targeted transport to the delivery office must be indicated on every bundle. You can create bundle routing labels quickly and easily using the POSTAKTUELL MANAGERS. Affix your postal customer number. 

Pallet storage

Take advantage of Deutsche Post storage facilities for your pallets of POSTAKTUELL items. In this way, you can free up your own storage capacity in the short term, e.g., for the coordination of complete POSTAKTUELL shipments for large campaigns. We store pallets for up to 30 days. The price per pallet is €6.99 per 30 days, plus VAT.

Transit time

As a rule, items are delivered by Deutsche Post within four working days of the date of posting. This is a quality target and not a transit time commitment.


No redirection or return delivery is possible for POSTAKTUELL items. Nor can we return excess items. Please also note that no specific time can be given for distribution. No delivery will take place if the recipient does not wish to accept delivery and has indicated as such in writing on his/her home mailbox, e.g., "Keine Wurfsendungen/No unaddressed post" or "Keine Werbung/No advertising".


The simplest way to pay for your POSTAKTUELL shipments is in cash/electronic cash upon posting. Upon request, we can also debit the amount payable from your bank account. This can be done conveniently with the POSTCARD. As a business customer, you can pay for POSTAKTUELL conveniently and without cash using your free POSTCARD. The price is calculated based on the information provided in your posting list. If there are more shipments than specified, we will charge the residual amount retrospectively. If the number of shipments is lower, we will refund the excess paid.

General information

Deutsche Post shall not be liable for the economic success of the advertising mailings it ships, particularly the effect on demand and other reactions by the recipient. The sender itself is responsible for the type, form, content, and consequences, including the advertising success, of its POSTAKTUELL shipments. It shall indemnify Deutsche Post from liability towards third parties in this respect. The General Terms & Conditions of Deutsche Post for the Domestic Letter Mail Service shall apply and can be viewed at our retail outlets.

Dimensions, weights, and prices

Dimensions and weights

With POSTAKTUELL distribution, two areas can be selected:

Core area: Postal code areas in Germany with high addressable market potential.
Peripheral area: All remaining postal code areas in Germany with medium to low addressable market potential.

In order to carry out your advertising campaign as smoothly as possible with POSTAKTUELL, please comply with the rules on dimensions and weights:

Dimensions Length Width Thickness (height) Weight
Minimum dimensions 140 mm 90 mm - max. 1,000 g
Max. dimensions
353 mm 250 mm 30 mm max. 1,000 g


Prices* for POSTAKTUELL to all households, up to 1,000 g (sample)
 Weight Core area Peripheral area
grams (from) € / 1,000 items € / 1,000 items
< 20 99,00 130,00
21 120,00 147,00
31 131,00 158,00
41 140,00 167,00
51 155,00 179,00
61 164,00 189,00
71 174,00 200,00
81 183,00 211,00
91 191,00 222,00
101 201,00 227,00
111 215,00 241,00
121 228,00 255,00
131 241,00 272,00
141 254,00 285,00
151 268,00 293,00
277,00 301,00
171 286,00 312,00
181 297,00 323,00
191 306,00 333,00
201 316,00 343,00

* All prices are subject to statutory VAT.

You’ll find all prices here: price list for POSTAKTUELL to all households.


POSTAKTUELL prices to households with daily mail service up to 1,000 g (excerpt)
 Weight Core area Peripheral area
grams (from)
€ / 1,000 items € / 1,000 items
< 20 65,00 84,00
21 84,00 106,00
31 96,00 117,00
41 108,00 128,00
51 124,00 143,00
61 132,00 152,00
71 140,00 161,00
81 146,00 167,00
91 155,00 177,00
101 169,00 188,00
111 182,00 201,00
121 193,00 213,00
131 205,00 227,00
141 215,00 238,00
151 238,00 256,00
246,00 264,00
171 254,00 274,00
181 263,00 283,00
191 272,00 293,00
201 281,00 301,00

* All prices are subject to statutory VAT.

You’ll find all prices here: price list for POSTAKTUELL households with daily mail service.

Surcharges* for delivery district and starting point selection

All surcharges apply to the respective weight category up to max. 1,000 g (plus VAT).

(delivery Tuesday through Friday)
Delivery district selection Starting point selection**
to households with daily mail service € 10,00/1,000 items € 10,00/1,000 items

to all households

€ 10,00/1,000 items € 10,00/1,000 items

* All prices are subject to statutory VAT. These surcharges do not include costs for selection of data service providers.
**  Minimum quantity of 250,000 items per order. Starting point selection includes delivery district selection.


Upon request, we can collect your unaddressed shipments from your doorstep. The transport price depends on the distance from the nearest posting office for POSTAKTUELL shipments.

Pallet storage

Take advantage of Deutsche Post storage facilities for your pallets of POSTAKTUELL items. This can free up your own storage capacity, e.g. for coordinating larger POSTAKTUELL campaigns. We store pallets for up to 30 days. The price per pallet is €6.99 per 30 days, plus VAT. 


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