Information regarding data processing for business customers and interested business parties

Personal data

Personal data are specific information regarding personal or factual characteristics relating to a certain natural person or a natural person who can be specified. This includes information such as your real name, address, telephone number and date of birth. Information which cannot be directly linked to your real identity – such as favourite websites or number of users of a site – is not considered personal data.

Collection and processing of personal data when you visit our website

The Deutsche Post Dialog Solutions GmbH website is a component of the Deutsche Post AG overall website. This is why the additional data protection information of Deutsche Post AG applies to collecting and processing personal data for visitors to the Deutsche Post Dialog Solutions GmbH website. You can access this information under the following link:

Use of the contact form

If you take the opportunity to send us an enquiry by e-mail or if you use our contact form to do so, we shall collect the data provided to us in this way in order to process your enquiry. We shall respond to your request for contact or any other information you may require. Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties and will not be used for advertising purposes.

Data protection information for customers, suppliers and service providers

In the following, we shall provide data protection information in relation to Deutsche Post Dialog Solutions GmbH. We shall inform you of the use of personal data when using the online offers as well as in connection with other services (products and offers) provided by Deutsche Post Dialog Solutions GmbH.
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Rights to information

Upon request, we shall inform you which personal data we have saved concerning you. Please send your request for information via our contact form. You will find further information, in particular about your data protection rights, in our data protection information.

DPDHL Data Privacy Policy

The DPDHL Data Privacy Policy regulates the Group-wide standards for data processing. Deutsche Post Dialog Solutions has joined the DPDHL Data Privacy Policy. If you are interested in learning more about the DPDHL Data Privacy Policy, please use the following link:

DPDHL Data Privacy Policy (Summary) (PDF, 204 KB).


If you have any further queries in relation to data protection, please use our contact form.