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Information on data protection at a glance


Strict data protection standards are an integral part of the DHL Group’s brand and, like the security of our IT systems, is of the utmost importance for our business. As a global company whose business model entails connecting people and exchanging sensitive data, we believe that we have a special responsibility in this regard.

The following information is intended to give you an overview of how we process your data. Please consult the General Part for information that applies to all of our products and services. For details on data processing, please refer to the section entitled “Products and Services.”

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A) General information

B) Data processing

On our web platforms and apps

Web platforms

By using our websites, you have given your consent to the use of cookies in accordance with Article 6 (1) letter (a) GDPR. If you wish to withdraw your consent, you can use the opt-outs described in the following paragraphs.



Online Franking Post service

Item tracking

Item tracking allows you to track a shipment addressed to or sent by you and see when it is likely to be delivered. In order to track an item, simply enter your shipment number to see the current status of your consignment. You also receive all the important detailed information on your shipment. In addition, a sender or recipient can obtain further information on the respective shipment by e-mail or text message. To this end, the e-mail address or mobile phone number of the message recipient can be entered and the notification function activated. In this case, the person entering the data must make sure that the message recipient agrees to their e-mail address, mobile phone number and notification being processed.

The following data are processed in the context of item tracking, for example: shipment number, sender’s name and address, recipient’s name and address, sender’s/recipient’s e-mail address if selected, name and address of substitute recipient if selected, sender’s customer data, product or service designation, item transport history, recipient’s signature, confirmation of minimum age check (over 16/over 18).

Data are processed for the performance of a contract on the basis of Article 6(1)(b) GDPR.

In selected cases, DHL shipment tracking offers you a live tracking option for your item. Live tracking enables you to track the route of your parcel on a live map on the day of delivery. The legal basis is Art. 6(1)(b) GDPR, as this processing takes place for performance of a contract.

Tracking of domestic express shipments transported by DHL Express Germany GmbH is also possible on this page using item tracking. The legal basis is Art. 6(1)(b) GDPR, as this processing takes place for performance of a contract.

By integrating Google Maps for delivery to a Packstation or postal retail outlet, DHL Paket GmbH has improved the user experience on this website.

  • Item tracking: for some shipments we offer the live tracking function, which allows you to track the route of your item live on a Google Maps map.
  • Delivery to Packstation/retail outlet: the item tracking function notifies you when the option exists to reroute your shipment to a Packstation or retail outlet if you will not be home at the designated delivery time. You can select your preferred Packstation or retail outlet on a Google Maps map.

We use Google Maps from Google Inc. (Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland) to display the maps. The following data are transferred to Google:

  • Referrer (address of the page on which Google Maps is being used)
  • IP address of the user
  • Google account (if the user is registered with Google, the account will be recognized and correctly assigned)
  • Browser; browser preferences, size and resolution; browser plugins; date; language setting
  • User’s location – only if the user explicitly confirms the browser prompt “Soll auf Ihren Standort zugreifen dürfen?” (“Allow to access your location?”)

The data are processed on the basis of Article 6(1)(f) GDPR. DHL Paket GmbH has a legitimate interest in displaying the DHL locations as accurately as possible for its customers, as one in ten website visitors submit a search request while on the website. In the context of a location search, the map also shows customers the route from their current location to the retail outlet/Packstation. This service would not be possible without displaying a map.

During the location search, only the search address entered by the user is forwarded. We will not link the search to the user, nor will it be saved.

Google data protection statement


Social Media

Social Media

C) Products and services

You can find data protection information on parcel products at

You can find data protection information on E-POST services at

You can find data protection information for POSTIDENT at

You can find data protection information for BRIEFANKÜNDIGUNG at

Domestic and international mail, including additional services, postcards and other mail products (including franking methods and payment procedures)

Redirection and storage services

PO boxes

Further services

a) Online store

b) Processing customer concerns (e.g. customer service, claims management)

c) Video monitoring at retail outlets

d) Reporting phishing activities

e) Sanctions list screening

Updated: 08/31/2023