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POSTIDENT via smartphone

  • via the eID function and the smartphone’s NFC
  • via video chat
  • on site in the post office

The most frequently asked questions about POSTIDENT

  • Identity verification by means of POSTIDENT is usually free of charge and always starts with the contracting party whose service you want to use
  • We confirm your identity on behalf of your contracting party
  • POSTIDENT satisfies the statutory requirements for identity verification, for example when opening an online bank account or activating a prepaid SIM card
  • POSTIDENT stands for "POST IDENTification," which is when we here at Deutsche Post confirm your identity
  • It can be used by anyone, either on site in the post office or via a smartphone, as desired

A (quick) comparison of the POSTIDENT procedures

POSTIDENT What’s so special?
In a video chat
  • Online from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday to Sunday
  • A call center agent will personally guide you through the identity verification procedure online via video chat
  • You will need a piece of identification (passport or ID card) with holographic features
  • The video chat usually lasts 5-6 minutes
Locally in the post office
  • Personally by the employee in the post office
  • A valid ID card is usually sufficient as a means of identification
  • After your visit to the post office, your contracting party usually receives your identification data the same day
With the eID function
  • Any time while on the go with the POSTIDENT app on your smartphone
  • And the eID chip on your official ID card (in credit card format)
  • Optimally, you will need less than 2 minutes
With photos
  • Use the POSTIDENT app to upload photos of documents for verification
  • For example, to register for a car sharing service by verifying your driver’s license
  • Your documents can usually be verified in 15 minutes
Sign a contract "digitally" without pen and paper
  • Conclusion of contract online in a few minutes
  • Legally equivalent to a "signature" on paper
  • To make sure that the right person is signing, they must first be identified via video chat
  • After identity verification via video chat, you can immediately sign the contract digitally