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How does the identity check by video chat work?

To start the identity check by video chat, your contracting party will send you a link, or you will be directed straight to the POSTIDENT portal. Once your ID document has been pre-validated, you will be connected with a call center agent by video chat who will guide you through the identity check.

During the identity check, two photos from your ID document are usually checked as well as its security features and holograms. Please ensure that you are in a quiet and well-lit environment.

Your photo will then be taken and the identification data that was recorded will be displayed for you to check. Once you have confirmed your data, the identity check is completed and you will be directed back to your contracting party.

Verfahren Videochat

For identifty checks as part of the German Money Laundering Act (when opening an account, for example), a TAN will also be sent to your cell phone by text message. Please have your cell phone on hand for this.

The results of the identity verification process are transmitted in encrypted format and are usually available to your contracting party within a few minutes.

The following items are required:

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Additional information on POSTIDENT by video chat:

The video identification procedure offers you a secure and easy way to confirm your identity by using the POSTIDENT app from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays (including public holidays), guided by a call center agent.