Security in all procedures

Deutsche Post is your experienced partner for identity check solutions from a single source. Security, data protection, compliance with the German Money Laundering Act and BaFin specifications are very important to Deutsche Post. We reliably meet these requirements by implementing new technologies and developing our identity management services in line with the market.

POSTIDENT – complies with statutory and data protection regulations

With the POSTIDENT procedures at Deutsche Post, different statutory requirements apply such as the German Money Laundering Act, the eIDAS Regulation, Section 154 of the German Tax Code and the German Digital Signature Ordinance, depending on the process used.

Companies that are subject to the German Money Laundering Act must meet certain due diligence obligations in order to optimize the prevention of money laundering during conclusion of contracts.

These obligations include identifying contracting parties and verifying and recording their identity even before entering into a business relationship with them.

The following identification procedures meet the requirements of the German Money Laundering Act:


Verification of driver’s licenses using the POSTIDENT by photo process has been classified as safe by the Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur (German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure).

Deutsche Post attaches great importance to data protection:

The identification data collected as part of the POSTIDENT procedure is treated in a confidential manner and is provided exclusively to the business customers commissioning the identity verification process. The data is stored in accordance with the deadlines contractually agreed on with the business customers.

Legal certainty with digital signatures

The "eIDAS" EU Regulation has regulated the European standard for legally valid digital signatures (qualified electronic signatures or QES for short) as well as other trusted services since July 2016. Digital signatures in compliance with this regulation, which is valid in all EU states, are legally equivalent to a handwritten signature and can be used in all use cases where the legislator does not explicitly require a handwritten signature on a physical document. Deutsche Post has undergone the extensive eIDAS auditing process and was recognized by the Bundesnetzagentur (German Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway) as a "qualified trust service provider." Our POSTIDENT E-Signing and POSTIDENT by video chat procedures thus satisfy the highest requirements, giving you an easy, legally compliant solution for digital signatures.

POSTIDENT Ausweislesegerät

Money laundering, fraud or counterfeiting don’t stand a chance

ID card scan and matrix codes for fast and secure scan and verification processes

  • Coding of the personal data that the end customer entered in the POSTIDENT portal
  • Use of ID card readers that help to verify the authenticity of ID documents.
    The IR and UV features of the ID document and its chip are checked.

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