POSTIDENT by post office

Using this procedure, your customers can identify themselves securely and reliably in our Germany-wide network of post offices. To offer you, as a business customer, even more security in this process, we introduced ID card readers in over 8,500 of our post offices in 2016 and 2017. POSTIDENT by post office is also available when you connect digitally to the POSTIDENT portal. This procedure complies with the German Money Laundering Act.

The benefits of POSTIDENT by post office:

  • Outlet network throughout Germany with approx. 8,500 post offices
  • Maximum coverage of ID cards from 200 countries
  • No technical requirements for your customers
  • Increased safety from fraud and counterfeiting by means of verification with ID card readers

Security and quality information

  • Complies with the German Money Laundering Act
  • TÜV IT-certified as an eIDAS-compliant module of a trust service for identifying natural persons
  • Personal, local identification by employees of the post office enhanced with technical assessment by the ID card reader

Benefits when connecting to the POSTIDENT portal

Improved quality and faster process:

  • Mobile coupon on the smartphone, does not need to be printed out by the private customer
  • Dynamically individualized coupon the data for which is transferred digitally

Give your customers an extended range of procedures and freedom of choice:

  • Easily expand the verification portfolio for your customers with additional POSTIDENT procedures
  • Fallback to the post office identification procedure if your customers cannot meet the requirements for alternative identification procedure
How verification works in post offices

* The coupon is created dynamically with information about the individual identification process, thus ensuring a unique reference to your business transaction

Your customers must be able to meet the following requirements:
  • Submit the POSTIDENT coupon
  • Valid ID document with a photo of the person to be identified (ID card, passport, a foreign ID card equivalent to the German ID card).

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