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How does the identity check work with the online ID function of the German ID card?

  • To start the identity verification process via eID function, you will receive a link from your contracting party, or they will send you directly to the POSTIDENT portal
  • Launch the POSTIDENT app
  • Start your identity check by scanning the QR code that is displayed online (alternatively, enter your case ID in the app).
  • Hold your ID card to the NFC interface on your smartphone and enter the 6-digit PIN you have chosen. (If you have not yet assigned a PIN to your ID card, you can use the 5-digit transport PIN that you received in the PIN letter for your ID card. You can then set the new 6-digit PIN during the identification.)
  • Your identification data is forwarded securely to your contracting party.
  • On a desktop: Alternatively, you can use the AusweisApp2 software (Windows/Mac) together with an authorized card reader.
Online Ausweisfunktion

The following items are required:

Frequently asked questions about identification with the online ID function

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Additional information on POSTIDENT with the online ID function

The process enables you to easily verify your identity by using the POSTIDENT app on your smartphone together with the eID function of your German ID card - at any hour of the day.