Data transmission of the identification data

Deutsche Post provides the identification data in digital form via the Postident information portal, where you can then collect it.

Deutsche Post offers a data interface for business customers requiring automated data transmission.

Direct access: Information portal

The Postident information portal gives you individual online access to the identification data.

The following interactive functions are available:

  • Search function: Efficient access to identification data by means of diverse and combinable search parameters.
  • View function: Filter the identification data according to your requirements.
  • Download function: Download the identification data as an encrypted ZIP file.

The Postident information portal is recommended for a limited number of identifications.

Scheduled data transmission

When the data is transmitted automatically, data packets are created for you via the SFTP interface and made available for electronic collection within the required time frame. The data transmission is integrated directly into business customers’ existing processes.

An automatically generated archive contains all data that has not yet been provided since the last retrieval of data and is password protected.

This variant is recommended if business customers expect a high volume of identifications, or require automated processing.

Synchronous provision with the automated data interface

If the identity check takes place via the POSTIDENT portal, the data is available in digital form as quickly as possible.
We use standardized interfaces based on REST.

Use of the REST interface is a requirement for the POSTIDENT E-Signing procedure.

Data transmission is integrated directly into the business customers’ existing processes.

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