POSTIDENT by video chat

Using the video identification procedure POSTIDENT by video chat, a call center agent can quickly and easily identify your customers online via app. This video verification process complies with the German Money Laundering Act, the German Telecommunications Act and the eIDAS Regulation.

The benefits of POSTIDENT by video chat

  • No media discontinuity when completing online applications
  • Can be performed anytime, anywhere
  • Our call center agents are available every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (including public holidays)
  • Video verification with POSTIDENT by video chat takes just a few minutes
  • Immediate electronic provision of the identification data

Security and quality information

  • Complies with the German Money Laundering Act, the German Telecommunications Act and the eIDAS Regulation
  • Can be combined with POSTIDENT E-Signing for legally binding digital signatures
  • Flexible call center capacities at several EU locations
Give your customers an extended range of products and freedom of choice:
  • Easily expand the verification portfolio for your customers with additional POSTIDENT procedures
  • Fallback to the post office identification procedure if your customers cannot meet the requirements (technology or ID card)
  • An existing connection to the POSTIDENT portal via the SCR API makes it easier to use the POSTIDENT SDK, our software development kit that enables you to integrate POSTIDENT into your app

The identity verification process starts on your website

Forwarding of the customer from your website to the identity check in the POSTIDENT portal

Select POSTIDENT by video chat as the procedure

Enter the personal data and select the ID document for the identification.

Video chat

Deutsche Post’s call center agent uses the webcam to perform the video identification process, check the ID card data and create photos.

Provision of the identification data

Entering a mobile TAN confirms and completes the identification process.

Via cell phone

Your customers must be able to meet the following requirements:

  • Smartphone iOS or Android
  • POSTIDENT app for the identity verification process
  • Stable Internet connection
  • Identification (passport or ID card) with holographic features

Your customers can use the POSTIDENT app to identify themselves from home easily and conveniently in just a few minutes.

Our video identification procedure is legally compliant, secure and is performed in three easy steps, taking just five minutes:

  1. In the POSTIDENT portal, your customer selects identity verification via POSTIDENT app and is given a case ID.
  2. Your customer downloads the POSTIDENT app and enters the case ID.
  3. Your customer is then guided through the identity check by a trained service agent.

Your customer can easily and conveniently download the POSTIDENT app from the App Store or the Play Store.

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