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How does digital contract conclusion with E-Signing work?

With E-Signing, you receive a link from your contracting party or they forward you directly to the POSTIDENT portal.

  • Identification: You identify yourself with your ID document during a video chat – directly in the browser or by using your smartphone/tablet. During the chat, a call center agent verifies your identity and ensures that only you personally can sign the documents later on.
  • Review documents online: Once the identification is complete, you can read all documents online. You then confirm our GT&C and request a mobile TAN for the signature.
  • Legally binding signature: After you have reviewed the documents that are displayed, sign them legally by entering a mobile TAN sent to your cell phone – no need for a pen or touchpad.
  • Download documents: Finally, you and your contracting party receive all digitally signed documents in signed PDF format for your records.

The following items are required:

Frequently asked questions about E-Signing

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Additional information on POSTIDENT E-Signing

E-Signing is a digital signature that meets the statutory "written form" requirement and is equivalent to a legally binding signature on paper. Entirely paperless, completely online. This is eIDAS-compliant and verified in accordance with EU legal regulations.

The signature is integrated into the PDF files as a digital signature that cannot be changed and is traceable. Its validity can be verified at any time by means of commonly used PDF programs.