How does digital contract conclusion with E-Signing work?

With E-Signing, you receive a link from your contracting party or they forward you directly to the POSTIDENT portal.

  • Identification: You identify yourself with your ID document during a video chat – directly in the browser or by using your smartphone/tablet. During the chat, a call center agent verifies your identity and ensures that only you personally can sign the documents later on.
  • Review documents online: Once the identification is complete, you can read all documents online. You then confirm our GT&C and request a mobile TAN for the signature.
  • Legally binding signature: After you have reviewed the documents that are displayed, sign them legally by entering a mobile TAN sent to your cell phone – no need for a pen or touchpad.
  • Download documents: Finally, you and your contracting party receive all digitally signed documents in signed PDF format for your records.

The following items are required:

Identification (passport or ID card) with holographic features

  • Smartphone with POSTIDENT app
  • Stable Internet connection
  • Via desktop: microphone, webcam, web RTC-compatible browser such as Firefox or Chrome, cell phone to receive the SMS TAN

Recommendation: Download and use the POSTIDENT app in the App Store or Play Store for use while on the go

Frequently asked questions about E-Signing

A digital signature is a type of electronic confirmation that a previously identified person has agreed to the exact contents of a document. The signature is attached to the (PDF) documents. Its validity can subsequently be confirmed by means of commonly used PDF programs.

The digital signature service from Deutsche Post meets the highest German and European security requirements.

No. The digital signature is legally binding without a printed or a handwritten signature.

Depending on the purpose, a visible Deutsche Post stamp may be affixed indicating the name of the signatory.

The validity of the signature is confirmed by the attached certificate, which is not visible in the document itself, but can be verified by means of commonly used PDF programs.

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Additional information on POSTIDENT E-Signing

E-Signing is a digital signature that meets the statutory "written form" requirement and is equivalent to a legally binding signature on paper. Entirely paperless, completely online. This is eIDAS-compliant and verified in accordance with EU legal regulations.

> Terms of Use E-Signing

> POSTIDENT E-Signing Certificate Policy (CP) and Certification Practice Statement (CPS)

The signature is integrated into the PDF files as a digital signature that cannot be changed and is traceable. Its validity can be verified at any time by means of commonly used PDF programs.