Increased completion rates by using the POSTIDENT SDK

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Digital identification on the POSTIDENT portal

  • Obtain digital identification data more quickly
  • Your customer selects their preferred procedure
  • Easy connection process

Digital signatures around the clock

without video chat, with identity transfer instead

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Identity checks made as easy as possible

The POSTIDENT portal is Deutsche Post’s identity verification platform. It enables your private customers to use the identity verification procedure of their choice.

If your customer cannot meet the requirements for the procedure they initially selected (due to issues with their ID document or technical conditions, for example), they are automatically offered alternative procedure.

If you are connected to the POSTIDENT portal as a business customer, you will receive your data in digital form as required.

Possible identification procedures in the POSTIDENT portal

Your benefits when connecting to the POSTIDENT portal

  • Higher conversion rates as a result of private customers being able to select their preferred procedure or use alternative procedures, depending on their prerequisites
  • Expansion of the service portfolio for private customers through new identity verification procedures and applications
  • High level of security through continual compliance with data protection guidelines and data storage exclusively in Germany
  • Cost benefits through simple, digital process chains and integrated service offers from a single source
  • Fast electronic data redelivery via Postident information portal or automatic interface
  • Investment security through connection to a single interface for all current and future identity verification processes

The identification process starts on your website

Forwarding of the customer from your website to the identity check on the POSTIDENT portal.

Selection of the identity verification process

Various POSTIDENT procedure are available for your customer to select from depending on the identity verification requirements.

Provision of identification data

Following successful identity verification, the data is transmitted and the end customer is returned to your website.



Financial accounting

Telecommunications Health Closed and secured service platforms 
Use Online and offline identity verification compliant with the German Money Laundering Act via the POSTIDENT portal for opening an online account, for example Personalized activation of prepaid SIM cards Secure verification and access to sensitive health services and data Access to protected online services or peer-to-peer platforms
By post office
By video chat
By eID function
Via AutoID and App    



E-Signing Conclusion of digital contracts without media discontinuity – corresponds to a physical signature
- without industry restrictions -

Secure delivery with identification when handing over personal mailing
- according to § 336 paragraph 5 SGB -

It’s easier to use the POSTIDENT SDK (Software Development Kit, iOS and Android) if you are already connected to the POSTIDENT portal via the SCR API.

Select POSTIDENT procedures are integrated into your app solutions so that your customers no longer have to download the POSTIDENT app. The end result is that identity checks can be conducted easily within your app thanks to the POSTIDENT SDK.

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