POSTIDENT in your app

Offer the best customer experience by integrating our identity check procedures in your app with the Postident SDK.

The POSTIDENT SDK (Software Development Kit) offers a seamless solution for integrating POSTIDENT procedures into your app solutions, whether for IOS or Android.

Increase conversion rates through an “app-first” approach and simplified KYC onboarding for your customers:


  • No need to download of the POSTIDENT app
  • Modular Ident portfolio in your app
  • Consistent look and feel, and user experience possible for private customers
    (white label feature)
  • Results data called up via existing interfaces to the POSTIDENT system

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With SDK:
Procedure in your app

Information on scope of service and quality

  • Extensive portfolio of solutions with POSTIDENT by post office, by video chat, by online ID function (eID) and by AutoID
  • Top quality: regular SDK updates through DPAG in line with regulatory requirements
  • Problem-free integration: the modular approach for the different procedure modules guarantees simpler and faster SDK implementation  

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