What is POSTIDENT delivery?

With POSTIDENT delivery, a mailing will be handed over to you after the successful verification of your identity by our delivery staff using an official ID document.

If you are not present, the mailing, which is addressed to you personally, will be forwarded to the nearest post office and stored there for your pick up for 7 working days.

POSTIDENT delivery involves mailings with sensible content, for example, the secure sending of PINs, ID documents or the electronic health card.

Verfahren Zustellung

This is required:

A valid, accepted identification document

Frequently asked questions about POSTIDENT delivery

  • German identity card or passport (also temporarily issued)
  • Residence title / card / permit
  • Travel document
  • International ID card/identity card or international passport

If you are not at home, your mailing will be forwarded to one of our post offices and kept there for 7 working days for pick up.

Please note that pick up by other persons with a power of attorney is not possible. A POSTIDENT delivery mailing can only be picked up by the consignee personally. For identification you need a valid ID document at the post office.

Please visit our help area if you have any additional questions