With our POSTIDENT E-Signing solution, your customers can legally conclude contracts with you in digital form. Deutsche Post is a qualified trust service provider recognized by eIDAS.

The benefits of digital signature with POSTIDENT E-Signing

  • Immediate, legally-binding online contract conclusion without any media discontinuity
  • Can be done easily from anywhere – via PC or on the go
  • Signature process also possible with several signatories (for joint accounts, for example)
  • Reduction in process costs through use of digital documents
  • Acceleration of the process time for a positive customer experience
  • Easy-to-understand user flow for maximum conversion rates

Security and quality information

  • Verification for digital signature via video chat with Deutsche Post
  • Digital signature of contracts via mobile TAN
  • Issue of qualified electronic certificates for the compliant conclusion of contracts directly by Deutsche Post as a trust service provider (TSP)
Zertifikat eDIDAS

Benefits when connecting to the POSTIDENT portal
  • Easy enhancement with alternative procedures for verification of digital signatures
  • Facilitation of contracts via third parties (including comparison portals)
How digital signatures work with POSTIDENT E-Signing
Prozessschritt 1: Start des Online Vertragsabschlusses auf Ihrer Website

The online contract conclusion starts on your website

To start the process, forward your customer and their data and the documents to be signed to the POSTIDENT portal.

Prozessschritt 2: Identifizierung mit POSTIDENT durch Videochat

Identification with POSTIDENT by video chat

To verify the digital signature, your customer is initially identified by trained call center agents in a video chat by means of an ID document.

Prozessschritt 3: Digitale Unterschrift durch SMS-TAN

Digital signature by mobile TAN

Your customer subsequently checks the documents that are displayed online and, if they agree, signs them legally by entering a mobile TAN.

Prozessschritt 4: Dokumentenweiterleitung und Download

Document forwarding and download

The signed documents are automatically forwarded to you. Your customer can also download them for their records.

Your customers have to meet the following requirements via the web:
  • Microphone
  • Webcam
  • Cell phone for receiving the mobile TAN
  • Web RTC-compatible browser such as Firefox, ChromeWeb Real-Time Communication -> enables real-time communication
  • Identification (passport or ID card) with holographic features
Your customers have to meet the following requirements via the app:
  • Smartphone iOS or Android
  • POSTIDENT app for the identification
  • Stable Internet connection
  • Identification (passport or ID card) with holographic features
Per Mobiltelefon

Your customer can easily and conveniently download the POSTIDENT app from the App Store or the Play Store.

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