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POSTIDENT delivery

POSTIDENT delivery enables the secure personal delivery of mailings. Recipients are identified before delivery using official ID documents.

Secure delivery is necessary if important personal documents such as PINs or ID documents are to be sent, for example according to Section 336 Paragraph 5 SGB V.

The advantages of POSTIDENT delivery

  • Nationwide, secure delivery
  • Uncomplicated identification by the deliverer before the mailing is handed over
  • If recipients are not at home, the mailing will be deposited for 7 working days in a nearby post office for personal pick up
  • Electronic provision of the identification result

Safety and quality information

  • Personal handover of mailing after successful identification using an official ID document
  • Safe delivery e.g. according to § 336 paragraph 5 SGB V
  • Nationwide delivery
  • If the recipient is not present, the mailing will be deposited at a post office for pick up

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