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How does the identity check via photo work?

To start the identity check via photo, you will receive a link from your contracting party, or they will forward you directly to the POSTIDENT portal.

  • Download the POSTIDENT app for identity verification via smartphone. Alternatively, you can also complete the process on your PC or laptop with a webcam.
  • Start the identity check by scanning the QR code that is displayed online or by entering your case ID in the app.
  • Take photos of your documents and a short video sequence of your face with your smartphone.
  • Ensure that the lighting is sufficient and that the data on your documents is easy to read.
  • Then send all the data you have recorded to Deutsche Post for verification. You will be informed of the identification process results in just a few minutes and the required identification data will be transmitted to your contracting party in encrypted format.
Verfahren Foto

The following items are required:

Frequently asked questions about photo identification

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Additional information on POSTIDENT by photo

The photo identification process enables you to easily verify your identity at any time by taking a picture of your ID document and yourself. Driver’s licenses can also be verified, for example when you register for a car sharing service. The verification process is performed by trained service agents from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays (except on national holidays in Germany)