POSTIDENT by photo

Using the online procedure POSTIDENT by photo, your customers can identify themselves quickly and easily by capturing their ID document and image. Furthermore, this process can be used to check your customers’ driver’s licenses. This solution was specially developed for providers of mobility services such as car sharing, car rentals and fleet management.

POSTIDENT by photo

What sets this solution apart?

Security and quality information

  • The verification of driver’s licenses by using photo identification was classified as safe by the Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur (German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure).
  • Broad coverage of ID cards and driver’s licenses
  • GDPR-compliant data processing and encrypted data storage in data centers in Germany

Benefits when connecting to the POSTIDENT portal
  • Easily expand the verification portfolio for your customers with additional POSTIDENT procedures
  • Greater freedom of choice and coverage of your customers’ needs
  • Higher rates of conversion during identification
How document verification works with photo identification
Driver’s license check for car sharing

A car sharing user reverses his rental car and collides with another car.

Luckily no one is injured, but the car was damaged. For you as a car sharing provider, it is important to know your customers and to verify their driver’s license. Deutsche Post has an easy and secure solution: The digital identification process POSTIDENT by photo enables fast identification and driver’s license verification. Thanks to its user friendliness and high process quality, it takes into account the special needs of car sharing users. This means you can stay safe in the fast lane.

Simple car rental

Berlin, 8:55 a.m., your flight is delayed. If you’re going to make your business meeting on time, everything has to run smoothly. Fortunately, all of the formalities for the rental car were completed online beforehand, so all you need to do is pick up the key.

With POSTIDENT by photo, Deutsche Post offers a solution that benefits everyone. As a provider, you do not need to spend time entering and checking your customers’ data, and they don’t need to waste time at the validation stations. You and your customers benefit from automated and efficient processes. Car rentals couldn’t be easier!

Recurring driver's license verification for fleet management

Owners of company cars travel thousands of kilometers in their company cars every year. But how can you, in your position in fleet management, be certain that each of your company car owners has a valid driver’s license?

Deutsche Post has the ideal solution: by using the digital identification process POSTIDENT by photo, employees can regularly undergo the required driver’s license checks online, any time and anywhere. You can be sure your fleet is in good hands.

Your customers have to meet the following requirements via the app:
  • Smartphone
  • POSTIDENT app (iOS or Android) or mobile browser
  • Identification (passport or ID card) with optical security features
  • Driver’s license

Your customer can easily and conveniently download the POSTIDENT app from the App Store or the Play Store.

Your customers have to meet the following requirements via the web:
  • Webcam webcam-compatible browser
  • Identification (passport or ID card) with optical security features
  • Driver’s license (depending on the use case)

The service is also available as a mobile browser solution.

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