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Consumer address services

Targeting new customers effectively

Would you like to use mailings to secure new customers in the highly competitive consumer market? Deutsche Post Direkt provides the quality addresses that you need to successfully acquire new customers – and with around 44 million addresses, it has almost the entire private household market covered. Deutsche Post’s address check contributes to address maintenance and thus ensures addresses are constantly kept up-to-date.

Pinpointing your target groups is the prerequisite for effective dialogue marketing. To do so, you can choose from a large set of statistical or personal selection criteria.

In excess of 150 qualified features within the microdialog micro-geographical system ensure the addresses selected fit the target group precisely, identifying your ideal potential customers by means of statistical data on socio-demography, consumer preferences, population structure and region.

Using personal premium features, you can select target groups with greater precision and minimize coverage waste. Select the appropriate target group for you from ten attribute groups, e.g., family life, technology and fundraising. Thanks to pseudonymization and anonymization technologies, usage complies with data privacy requirements.


  • Up-to-date addresses ensure low return rate
  • High market coverage: Reach almost all private households in Germany
  • Approach the right target groups thanks to micro-geographical consumer information
  • Precise target group selections, reduced coverage waste and lower costs thanks to personal attributes
  • Data protection compliant

Select your desired target group online now and immediately evaluate your address potential.

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