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Bonn, July 25, 2016 - Reach decision-makers and reduce costs with quality addresses

  • New: business addresses with extra deliverability verification
  • Special offer until October 31, 2016: 20-percent discount on address price

Advertisers can use business customer addresses from Deutsche Post Direkt, a Deutsche Post subsidiary specializing in address management, to reach new customers effectively and economically. As part of an extensive quality improvement campaign, an extra deliverability check has been implemented for a significant increase in business address quality.

By using verified business addresses from Deutsche Post Direkt, companies in the B2B segment can reduce their costs for production, shipping, and returns of undeliverable mailings. In addition, Deutsche Post Direkt is offering a discount of 20 percent on address prices through the end of October 2016.

About 4 million current business addresses are available for use by companies in their direct mailings to potential new business customers. Criteria such as sector, company size and revenue ensure precise target group selection for company addresses. Two sector codes, WZ 2008 and SIC, are available for address selection. The names and positions of decision-makers in the top two levels of management enable a targeted approach to the correct contacts. To ensure that the direct mailings reach their destinations without any detours, the address specialists at Deutsche Post Direkt provide in-depth advice to help with accurate selection of the right sectors and contacts.
Interested business customers can request a cost-free, non-binding quote or get advice about all other aspects of address management by sending an e-mail to

Adressreport 2016

Bonn, April 4, 2016 - Millions of errors in German customer databases

  • ŸOne out of five customer addresses contains errors
  • Ÿ2016 Address Report from Deutsche Post Direkt examines 100 million records

The data that German companies keep on their customers is poorly maintained. 21.8 percent of customer and interested-party data stored in company databases contain errors. There are a particularly high number of mistakes related to the personal salutations of “Herr” (Mr.) or “Frau” (Mrs./Ms.). Overall, 6.3 percent of the 100 million addresses that were checked had wrong salutations. “Herr Michael Müller” thus has become “Frau Michael Müller”. Those are the results of the 2016 Address Report, the latest study conducted by Deutsche Post Direkt, the Deutsche Post subsidiary specialized in address management.

Well-maintained customer addresses are not only indispensable for dialog marketing, but are also a necessary condition for the delivery of business mail and parcels. A wrong salutation is particularly troublesome in these cases because it plays a role in both customer correspondence via traditional mail as well as digital messages sent by e-mail.

The 2016 Address Report also takes a look at the individual components of addresses, revealing that street names and locations too are quite frequently misspelled. On average, 5.6 percent of street names and 3.8 percent of location names contain errors. However, customer addresses rarely contain the wrong street number: only 0.2 percent of them overall.

The data utilized in the study comes from random samples taken by Deutsche Post Direkt during address cleansing projects in 2015. The company’s website – – gives customers the opportunity to have the quality of their own customer addresses checked free of charge. The study is available for downloading as a PDF at Printed copies can be requested by e-mail at

Bonn, June 1, 2015 – Deutsche Post Direkt: Change of management

Petra Weber and Christian Ilg took over the management of Deutsche Post Direkt on 1 June. The new management team will bring a fresh strategic direction to the address service provider, focusing on the development of new digital services.

The appointment of Petra Weber will allow the Deutsche Post subsidiary to invigorate its leadership through the addition of an experienced address strategist. Equipped with in excess of 10 years’ experience in diverse managerial roles at Deutsche Post, she has held positions in areas including strategic dialogue and address management, dialogue consulting and online marketing sales management, not to mention E-POST customer service management. Her most recent position was head of Deutsche Post Address.

An economist by profession, Christian Ilg joined Deutsche Post from the METRO business group and, since 2013, has held various positions in Global Controlling at Deutsche Post headquarters in Bonn.

Petra Weber
Christian Ilg

Bonn, 14.04.2015 – Big data: große Hürde Datenqualität!

  • Kundendatenqualität in deutschen Unternehmen sinkt
  • Studie der Deutschen Post Direkt deckt Fehler auf

Kundendaten werden zunehmend schlechter gepflegt. In den Kundendatenbanken deutscher Unternehmen finden sich mehr Fehler als noch vor fünf Jahren: Der Anteil unzustellbarer Kundenadressen stieg von 12,8 auf 14,2 Prozent. Das ist das Ergebnis der aktuellen Studie „Kundendaten-Qualität 2015“ der Deutschen Post Direkt. Bereits in den Jahren 2010 und 2012 hat die auf Adressmanagement spezialisierte Tochter der Deutschen Post die Datenbankaktualität in zehn Branchen erhoben und präsentiert nun die neuen Ergebnisse.

Nur drei von zehn Branchen schneiden bei der Adresspflege besser ab als vor fünf Jahren. Banken, Konsumgüter-Hersteller und Automobilunternehmen konnten die Qualität ihrer Kundendaten verbessern, alle anderen Branchen zeigten im Vergleich zum Jahr 2010 schlechtere Durchschnittswerte.

Die meisten Unternehmen wissen, dass ihre Kunden- und Interessentendaten ein wichtiger Teil ihres Betriebskapitals sind. Gut gepflegte Kundenadressen sind nicht nur für das Dialogmarketing unverzichtbar, sondern auch Voraussetzung dafür, dass Geschäftspost und Pakete zugestellt werden können. Daher ist Adressmanagement wichtig – vor allem für die untersuchten Branchen Banken, Versicherungen, Einzelhandel, Versandhandel, Konsumgüter, Automotive, Verlagsgewerbe, Touristik sowie Gemeinnütziger und Öffentlicher Sektor.

Finanzdienstleister vorn, NPOs verlieren
Die aktuelle Studie zeigt deutliche Branchenunterschiede bei der Adresspflege. Hier sind Banken mit 93,7 Prozent zustellbaren Kundenadressen mit Abstand vorn. Die Nummer Zwei im Branchenranking sind Konsumgüter-Unternehmen: 90,9 Prozent ihrer Adressen sind korrekt. Den dritten Platz belegen Versicherungen mit 86,7 Prozent fehlerfreien Kundenadressen. Schlusslicht im Branchenvergleich 2015 ist der Gemeinnützige Sektor, der u. a. Spendenorganisationen, Gewerkschaften und Verbände umfasst. Jeder sechste Brief würde hier seinen Empfänger nicht erreichen.

Millionen Adressdaten ändern sich jährlich
Wie wichtig eine regelmäßige Adresspflege ist, zeigen folgende Zahlen: 2014 änderten sich in Deutschland über 300 Ortsnamen, 21.000 Straßen wurden neu angelegt, aufgeteilt oder umbenannt. Zudem veralten Adressen jährlich durch etwa acht Millionen Umzüge, 840.000 Todesfälle sowie 370.000 Hochzeiten und 190.000 Scheidungen, die zu Namens- und Adressänderungen führen können.

Die der Studie zugrunde liegenden Daten stammen aus einer Stichprobe der im Jahr 2014 von Deutsche Post Direkt durchgeführten Adressbereinigungsprojekte. Hierzu wurden die Daten von 200 Unternehmen anonymisiert und ausgewertet. Unter haben Unternehmen die Möglichkeit, die Qualität ihrer eigenen Kundenadressen kostenfrei zu testen. Sie können damit prüfen, wie ihre Datenbankqualität im Branchenvergleich abschneidet.

Ein PDF der Studie befindet sich zum Download im Internet unter Gedruckte Exemplare können per E-Mail an bestellt werden.

Bonn, October 21, 2014 - Increased quality for direct marketing activities

  • Deutsche Post Direkt relies on SCHUFA service for address matching
  • Avoiding advertising mail addressed to deceased persons

Each year there are approximately 850,000 deaths in Germany and many of them fail to be registered in the customer databases of advertising companies. As a result, family members often receive advertising mail addressed to their deceased loved ones even years after they have died.

In a bid to reduce such unwanted advertising mail, Deutsche Post Direkt has decided to partner up with SCHUFA Holding AG. Effective immediately, the address management company Deutsche Post Direkt is now making use of a SCHUFA service to help cleanse address databases of unknown and deceased persons. What makes the SCHUFA database so unique is the fact that it draws on regularly updated information from 8,500 contract partners, such as large banks, as well as private and regional banks with real estate activities.

Deutsche Post Direkt now utilizes this database together with other sources to cleanse the private customer databases of marketing companies for their advertising mail activities. The Deutsche Post subsidiary will also use the information on the deceased to update its own address files which are used by companies for customer acquisition.

The partnership between Deutsche Post Direkt and SCHUFA will help decrease the amount of unwanted mail that is sent to families of the deceased. This new collaboration also brings benefits to advertisers by communicating professionalism and integrity to customers, and by reducing production, delivery and return-related costs.

Bonn, September 24, 2014 – Seasons greetings it’s a joy to receive

  • Tips for giving holiday business greetings that personal touch
  • Deutsche Post Direkt offers special rates for address cleansin

Businesses interested in sending out holiday greetings to their customers should get started with the preparations now - that is, if they want their Christmas cards to arrive in time for the holiday season! Between October and December, the address management specialist Deutsche Post Direkt is offering a 10% discount on selected services for cleansing and updating addresses (minimum of 10,000 private customer addresses).

Visit for more information.

Free tips for making the most out of your Christmas greetings:  

One-size-fits-all or personalized?
When the Christmas season rolls around, most everyone enjoys getting a card in the mail – there’s something special about having something to hold and open. A pre-printed card should be signed by hand. And whether you’re reaching out to business customers or to private customers, penning a few extra hand-written lines is always a nice idea - personalized messages show them that you value your relationship.

With or without advertising?
Holiday greetings are more credible when sent without advertising.  It’s important to strike a balance between profit and image.

Getting the timing right
Christmas cards that arrive after the event miss the point completely - and can even damage your image as a company. So begin making your preparations now!

Correct addresses
On average, around 10% of all private addresses and some 25% of business addresses prove to be incorrect every year, making for lots of undeliverable holiday mail. Before sending out your Christmas cards, make sure to have your addresses checked by a qualified address management service provider.

Bonn, July 22, 2014 - BUSINESSBASIC: new business customers are just a mouse click away

  • Five million company addresses, updated weekly
  • Deutsche Post Direkt offers a free seven-day test

The Deutsche Post Direkt business DVD is now going online under the name BUSINESSBASIC. Customers of Deutsche Post’s subsidiary specializing in address management can at any time select around five million addresses of German companies, which are updated on a weekly basis, along with decision-makers’ names and contact data in an Internet portal – and download up to 5,000 addresses directly. The new online service can be used for downloading 1,000 addresses from an inclusive charge of EUR 399. Find out more about the benefits of BUSINESSBASIC by registering at for a non-binding seven-day free test.

BUSINESSBASIC helps small and medium-sized enterprises in the B-to-B segment to achieve more success in acquiring new customers by post. Selection criteria such as sector membership, company size, or regional boundaries ensure target group-specific address selection. Address user rights lasting one year make multiple or multi-level approaches good value.

BUSINESSBASIC is particularly cost-effective for address volumes of below 10,000. BUSINESSBASIC is also useful for the daily business of marketing, sales and administration as it allows the print out, for example, of individual company profiles. Thanks to convenient search functions, suppliers, postal codes and telephone numbers are found quickly. Digital maps display the precise location of the companies and illustrate the distribution of search results in the desired region.

Bonn, June 2, 2014 - Clear, modern, and multi-screen capable: Introducing the new Deutsche Post Direkt website

First impressions count – even online. For this very reason, Deutsche Post Direkt is now launching its online profile at From now on the Deutsche Post subsidiary specializing in address management will be showcasing its complete and clearly structured portfolio on its own homepage. All services from address updating through enrichment and analysis to target group-specific addresses are clearly displayed. Succinct texts, generous click areas, and striking images make for an intuitive user experience.

Product benefits are recognizable at a glance. Further product information is compiled on corresponding sub-pages where brochures and price lists are also available to download. Products available for direct online purchase to advertisers are linked with the online services of Deutsche Post Direkt, where data is securely transmitted, target groups defined, potential investigated and address selections commissioned.

But that’s not all – the new website is multi-screen capable. The layout and individual design elements can be flexibly adjusted to different sizes of screen.

Bonn, May 13, 2014 - New guide to successful customer acquisition by post

  • Deutsche Post Direkt publishes part 3 of the free series of guides
  • Practical examples and tips on address selection and address leasing

Today, marketing managers face the challenge of having to reduce the cost of their customer acquisition campaigns whilst increasing response and conversion rates. The new guide from Deutsche Post Direkt explains how to meet this challenge with the help of professional address management. The third part of the “ABC of Address Management” is devoted to the success factors in address selection. Here, newcomers and advanced dialog marketers are provided with expert knowledge on the subject of address leasing.

What are the benefits of addressed mailings? Or partially addressed and unaddressed advertising? Which data protection provisions apply to different address data? Which selection criteria ensure target group-specific address selection? How is the appropriate address service provider selected?

These and other questions are answered in the current reference guide from Deutsche Post Direkt. The practical benefit is explained using the examples of the aid organization Don Bosco Mondo and the solar power specialist BELECTRIC.

The “ABC of Address Management” includes a total of three guides.
Part 1: Address Cleansing, Part 2: Address Enrichment and Analysis, Part 3: Address Leasing.

Printed versions can be ordered free of charge by e-mailing They are also available to download in PDF format at the Deutsche Post Direkt homepage:

Bonn, April 15, 2014 - Deutsche Post Direkt: 15 years of address checking within seconds

  • New customer campaign to celebrate the anniversary of Addressfactory Direct
  • Online address matching for e-commerce companies 

It’s now 15 years since Deutsche Post Direkt checked its first private customer address online and in real time. Developed precisely for this purpose, Addressfactory Direct is celebrating its anniversary today. And in honor of this special occasion, each new customer will receive a gift: Deutsche Post Direkt will assume the set-up fee of EUR 175 for new contracts concluded within this year.

Addressfactory Direct is particularly well established among e-commerce companies. Modern web service technology enables smooth embedding in the existing IT infrastructure of online shops and service centers. The customer addresses entered are immediately checked, cleansed, and updated online during the order by telephone or via the Internet. Address matching with the Deutsche Post postal reference file is handled over a web service interface. With in excess of 190 million active and inactive addresses, the database contains almost every postal recipient in Germany and ensures data is complete and up-to-date like never before.

Under the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), the maintenance and updating of existing addresses from customers and interested parties is permissible, provided the data has been collected directly from the individual affected or is taken from publicly accessible directories. In addition, the BDSG imposes a duty to correct false address data.

Postleitzahlenkarte 2014

Bonn, February 14, 2014 - Clear office wall map from Deutsche Post Direkt

If your planning involves field service areas, delivery districts or geo-marketing, you need correct postal codes. The original “Postzahlenkarte” (postal code map) from Deutsche Post Direct provides a quick overview. A new edition of the wall map is now available in A0 format.

What area does the postal code 29556 refer to? What postal codes are there in the vicinity of Mannheim? The wall map leaves no question unanswered. The data is up-to-date and with its dimensions of 84 x 119 cm, (scale 1:800,000), the map fits in any office. Federal states designated in different colors, and entries of cities, highways, major roads, and rivers ensure ease of orientation. Selected major cities and conurbations are also shown on detailed maps. Over and above the individual postal codes, the map also includes routing zones and routing regions. The postal units are not only of interest to those dispatching letters and parcels but also to those involved in sales and logistics. Sales rep and franchise areas are quickly defined, making it easy to identify distribution gaps and determine delivery areas.

The wall map is available at EUR 15.30 if folded and EUR 23 as a rolled map (unfolded).

It can be ordered in writing from:

Deutsche Post Direkt GmbH
Junkersring 57
53844 Troisdorf
Fon +49 228 189 15990
Fax +49 69 6530 1500-072


Bonn, January 28, 2014 Address Catalog 2014 available free of charge

Free reference guide now available

Deutsche Post Direkt has published this year’s edition of its address catalog. The reference guide from the subsidiary of Deutsche Post specializing in address management is a useful tool for selecting and ordering target group addresses. The focus of the directory is on business addresses, listed alphabetically and ordered by market segment. Identified special markets are catered to via specific selection criteria such as executives or size of company. Advertisers can calculate the range and costs of their planned mailing campaign straight away by using the number of addresses and the price information listed. The directory also provides information on consumer, list broking, and international addresses for new customer acquisition, as well as services for address updating, enrichment and analysis from Deutsche Post Direkt. As such, the address catalog provides advertising companies with succinct information on how they can use professional address solutions to optimize or indeed initiate direct contact with customers by post.

Printed copies of the address catalog can now be picked up free of charge in the direct marketing centers of Deutsche Post or ordered by e-mail at A PDF version is also available to download on the Deutsche Post Direkt website at: