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POSTWURFSPEZIAL: advertising with partially addressed mail

  • Determine target groups
  • Select houses
  • Minimize wastage

POSTWURFSPEZIAL allows you to distribute partially addressed brochures and other advertising material to selected households. In this way you reach potential new customers as well as existing ones simply and inexpensively. Deutsche Post handles the delivery of your advertising items, which are distributed to individual houses in a targeted manner. As the Deutsche Post subsidiary specializing in address management, Deutsche Post Direkt ensures the accuracy of your POSTWURFSPEZIAL items. Our services include, for example, counting potential addresses, selecting addresses on the basis of your target group criteria and special services for further optimizing your mailing.

POSTWURFSPEZIAL advertising material is always partially addressed, e.g., “To the residents of the building 1, Sample Street, 12345 Sample Town.” In order to ensure that your advertising material is delivered in a targeted way, you select between premium and statistical criteria using the microdialog micro-geographical database.

The microdialog selection criteria include for example

  • socio-demographic data such as age and purchasing power
  • structural information such as basic rent, size and year of construction of the building
  • consumer information such as affinity to the product range and distance retail
  • sector-specific information, such as private car ownership and financial services


  • Select your desired target group online and calculate the POSTWURFSPEZIAL potential directly.

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Further qualifying your data

In selecting the groups to be targeted with POSTWURFSPEZIAL, we take account of your individual wishes. On the basis of our additional services, for example, we allocate your advertising material to an existing network of retailers at the relevant branch. Or we take the addresses of your existing customers out of the selected addresses of a mailing designed to acquire new customers.

Special POSTWURFSPEZIAL services include:

  • Determining potential by area
  • Negative check/check of duplicates
  • Assignment of advertising codes
  • Retailer/branch assignment
  • Data storage

The benefits for you

  • Reliable new customer acquisition
  • Existing customer contact, even without individual private addresses
  • Targeted selection via analysis of your customer inventory
  • Individual target group-specific selection of buildings
  • Compliance with sales areas
  • Minimizing coverage waste

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