Deutsche Post Direkt references

Deutsche Post Direkt offers standard products and individual solutions for your address management requirements – including comprehensive consulting. Whether the target groups are business people or consumers, advertisers of all sizes can use the service to directly address new and existing customers.
It is above all customers from the following sectors who have confidence in the competence and expertise of Deutsche Post Direkt:

  • Automotive
  • Fund-raising
  • Financial services
  • Trade/consumer goods
  • Publishers

Bergland Gruppe: Targeted marketing to car buyers

With seven car dealerships in all, the Bergland Gruppe offers the newest Ford models, used cars and all-around auto services. The group relies on attractive advertising mail campaigns to reach business customers – and they use business addresses from Deutsche Post Direkt. As a result, Bergland Gruppe sold more than 500 new Ford Transits in 2014.

Project details

Bergland Gruppe provides its customers with expert support, professional service and first-class products – from spare parts to new cars. Some 200 employees contribute to the marketing and sales of new and used cars as well as after-sales services.

The least-cost approach to winning new business customers involves determining – and zeroing in on – the immediate local target group potential

Björn Schmitz, Marketing, Autohaus Bergland:
“Since we started using the business addresses from Deutsche Post Direkt for our mailing campaigns, we have won approximately 500 new customers and interested many more for our group. We are very pleased with the addresses provided through Deutsche Post Direkt. We especially like the online counting tool for assessing the potential of specific segments and areas. It even includes an integrated map function and an immediate price overview for the addresses and additional information.”

Carglass®: Geo-data for business planning

Carglass® in Germany is a specialist in repairing and replacing vehicle glass. The company handles approximately 1.2 million instances of customer contact per year. Correct postal addresses are the be-all and end-all in the everyday business of Carglass®.

Project details

Carglass® in Germany is a specialist in vehicle glass. 1,500 specially trained Carglass® fitters repair or replace defective car windows every day, either in one of its 330 service centers or en route with more than 380 mobile units.

In order to be able to access the correct postal address data for customer support at all times, Carglass® has been using the Germany-wide street directory of Deutsche Post Direkt since 2012. Data on strategic development is stored in the data warehouse owned by Carglass®. To be able to use and evaluate the existing data even better, the company required precise geo-data.

Carglass opted for the interpolated building coordinates and the geocoded postal code areas of Deutsche Post Direkt. By using the geo-data of DATAFACTORY GEOCODE, the customer and market potential and customer structure of the individual Carglass® service centers can be optimally visualized. In this way, distances between locations or between customers and service centers can be better calculated based on the geo-data. As a result, the visual presentation of the connections offers optimum preparation for strategic business decisions.

CreditPlus Bank: Increasing customer retention with accurate addresses

The Stuttgart-based CreditPlus Bank offers consumers rapid and uncomplicated access to various credit models, allowing them to fulfill their individual consumer desires. To ensure that customer communication runs smoothly at all times, the bank has been working together with address specialist Deutsche Post Direkt for many years.

Project details

Customers receive straightforward and responsible credit approval as well as professional advice and service throughout Germany – not only in CreditPlus Bank’s 16 branches but also online and over the phone

CreditPlus Bank regularly informs its customers of current offers via direct mail. In order to optimize both delivery and postal return quotas, CreditPlus Bank has been working with address specialist Deutsche Post Direkt for eight years.

CreditPlus Bank commissioned the cleansing and update of its customer addresses over several years via ADDRESSFACTORY TAPE. In 2014 the bank opted for automated address cleansing. With the help of ADDRESSFACTORY AUTOMATIC, it ensures the automatic cleansing of all customer addresses in accordance with designated requirements prior to forwarding to a lettershop. Thanks to regular address cleansing, CreditPlus Bank’s customer addresses are in excellent condition. On average, less than 10% of direct mail addresses are undeliverable as a result of the addressee moving house, changing name or due to information pertaining to deceased persons. This results is savings in production and postage costs for direct mail as well as a reduction in labor-intensive returns processing.

DR. LAUER + KARRENBAUER: Up-to-date addresses for public administration and associations

DR. LAUER + KARRENBAUER develops software solutions for the specialist requirements of public administration and associations. Postal routing data from Deutsche Post Direkt is integrated into the “ZAM® – Zentrales Adressmanagement” software which helps the user to enter the correct address. This translates into improved address quality, fewer incorrect dispatches and cost savings.

Project details

Software specialist DR. LAUER + KARRENBAUER develops and markets the following standard products: ZAM® – centralized address management, EVENT – seminar and event management and CRM – customer relationship management. The solutions are modular in structure, can be individually upgraded and guarantee exceptional user convenience.

Users were to be afforded the option of automatic address entry and verification by means of an additional module.

Deutsche Post Direkt’s DATAFACTORY STREETCODE data is integrated into the company’s own software as an add-on module. Automated address entry saves DR. LAUER + KARRENBAUER customers valuable time whilst  significantly increasing data quality. What’s more, instances of incorrect dispatch are reduced of their own accord.

ERF Media finds key to new donators

ERF Media is a non-profit media company that produces radio and television programmes as well as internet offers with evangelical Christian content. It is financed almost exclusively through donations. The key personal characteristics and addresses provided by Deutsche Post Direkt gave ERF Media the tools it needed to reach its target group and gain a variety of new financial supporters and magazine subscribers.

Project details:

ERF Media is the largest non-profit Christian media company in Germany. Established in 1959, ERF Media began with radio programming and added television and internet content later. It is a non-denominational organisation financed almost exclusively by donations.

A key component of finding new financial supporters is dialogue marketing. ERF Media wanted to use personally addressed mail-shots to present the importance and significance of their work and acquire new donators.

Deutsche Post Direkt offers a variety of key personal characteristics for customers to choose from. ERF Media selected ‘donators’, a characteristic that includes ‘active donators’, ‘readers of religious magazines’ and ‘people who are interested in helping others’. These key characteristics enabled the media company to intelligently choose pertinent addresses from a pool of 42 million consumer households. Dariush Ghobad, head of Donator Liaisons at ERF Media: ‘We are very happy that our mail-shot campaign was so incredibly successful. The response rate for our new donators mail-shot campaigns was 10 % higher than the last one. We sent out many information packs and even got more than 450 new magazine subscribers. The number of new benefactors rose by 1.3 % compared with last year. The key personal characteristics and addresses offered by Deutsche Post Direkt made it possible for us to reach exactly the target group we wanted’. Deliver Internet orders quickly

The owners of the perfumery chain, Akzente, have committed themselves on their online platform to supplying scents, creams, and accessories to their customers quickly and reliably. The Internet shop, gets a great many hits and is one of the top Internet platforms in the perfumery sector.

Project details

To ensure that the Internet orders also reach the recipients quickly, looked for a possibility of checking the recipient addresses before dispatch. ADDRESSFACTORY DIRECT was integrated directly into the applications of via an interface.

In this way, the company carries out individual comparisons in real time, between 300,000 and 400,000 times a year. Even during the order – on the phone or online – the spelling and plausibility of street names, postal codes, and towns in the address data entered are checked. Access times of less than three seconds ensure that the order is processed rapidly. Since address checks have been used, the customer database of parfumdreams contains fewer postal errors. This prevents returns due to incorrect addresses right from the start and at the same time leads to greater customer satisfaction.

pitstop: Targeted information for workshop customers

In order to offer customers the best service at all times, pitstop relies not only on state-of-the-art workshop technology, but also on first-class communication. This includes customers being regularly informed by mail-shot when their next general inspection and exhaust emissions tests are due, and being invited to visit the garage. pitstop has Deutsche Post Direkt check that the customer addresses are up-to-date and complete before mail-shot dispatch.

Project detail

The pitstop company has around 330 retail outlets in 230 towns and is one of the leading workshop providers in Germany. More than 1 million customers rely every year on approximately 1,400 well-trained mechanics, mechanical technicians, and master mechanics.

Correct customer addresses are the precondition for reminding garage customers of their next scheduled visit to the TÜV vehicle testing center.

Deutsche Post Direkt uses ADDRESSFACTORY TAPE to check the spelling of street names, postal codes, and towns, corrects first and last names if necessary, identifies undeliverable addresses and duplicates, and supplies relocation addresses. pitstop strengthens customer loyalty because the information about the next general inspection/exhaust emissions test lands in the right collection box at the right time with the right address.

Reno: Targeted customer acquisition

By using analytical dialog marketing, Reno was able to form a clear picture of its store and online customers. Now it is using this information in customer acquisition campaigns.

Project details

With about 2,200 sales outlets, the Hamm and Reno Group is one of the largest shoe retailers in Europe. The Reno store network alone includes more than 530 stores.

In 2015, Reno decided to improve customer acquisition at its stores using analytical dialog marketing to increase its conversion rate and reduce wastage.

To get a picture of the typical Reno customer, the company had a customer profile analysis done by Deutsche Post Direkt. The analysis showed that the typical Reno customer differs significantly from the average citizen across several attributes; it also revealed differences between store and online customers. A scorecard was developed for subsequent selection of private customer addresses, which were targeted for a coupon mailing. The selected addresses yielded excellent responses, with 1.7 percent of the mailing recipients redeeming coupons for a purchase and 3.2 percent taking part in a prize drawing.

Rossmann: Successful direct communication with young parents

Leading drugstore chain Rossmann offers customers a number of attractive services such as the “Babywelt Bonusclub” (Baby World Bonus Club). To make sure that the nice gifts, valuable coupons, parenting magazines, and birthday greetings it sends to customers actually land in their mailboxes, the drugstore specialist chose Deutsche Post Direkt for its professional address checking service.

Project details

Rossmann’s ability to directly contact the regular customers in the Babywelt Bonusclub depends on having up-to-date addresses. Otherwise the number of returns inevitably rises. The relocation addresses of the mobile group “young parents” plays a special role here - because the likelihood that young parents will move to a new address is particularly high when there is a new addition to the family.

With more than 1,800 stores and over 26,000 employees, Rossmann is one of the most successful drugstore chains in Germany. Carefully targeted marketing is one of the building blocks in this success. Weekly advertising leaflets, magazines, special catalogs, mailings and newsletters plus the Babywelt Bonusclub for young parents are just a few of the elements it puts to use in its comprehensive marketing mix.

Regular address verification conducted with ADDRESSFACTORY helps ensure that all customer data is up to date. As a result, Rossmann customers feel appreciated because they continue to receive all of Rossmann’s special offers even after they have moved to a new address.

Schlemmerblock (dine-out coupon booklet): helping you retain customers and save costs

The publisher of " Schlemmerblock" can considerably reduce its mailing production and dispatch costs through initial address cleansing and address checking of new online registrations.

Project details

VMG, Vertriebs Marketing Gesellschaft mbH, is one of the leading companies in the couponing sector. It publishes the " Schlemmerblock" dine-out coupon booklet - the gastronomy and leisure guide for a city or region. All gastronomy and many leisure coupons are genuine 2-for-1 offers. This allows, for example, guests to order two main dishes at the restaurant and receive one of them for free.

VMG receives customer addresses when people register with the website Up-to-date customer data is absolutely essential for customer loyalty and cross-selling measures. Customer data is used, for example, to announce new " Schlemmerblock" dine-out coupon booklets by means of a mailing before the end of the year.

The initial address cleansing saved VMG production and postage costs for over 50,000 non-deliverable items. The postal address validation of new online registrations keeps the quality of the customer database at a high level.
VMG Managing Director Fotios Toulatos: "Thanks to initial address cleansing and early information about undeliverable addresses and duplicates, we were able to significantly reduce our mailing production and dispatch costs. In addition, the relocation addresses ensured we could stay in contact with our existing customers. Thanks to the high address quality of DATAFACTORY STREETCODE data, we will be able to minimize misdirected mailings in the future and thus save costs and valuable time."

Shoe store Lüke: Shop registration made quick and easy!

For online shoe shoppers, Schuhe Lüke’s “Lüke Shop” makes it quick and easy to register thanks to an autocomplete function that completes address information automatically. Service is top priority for the family-run business and their customers are extra pleased.

Project details

Schuhe Lüke has been in the business of selling quality shoes for over 78 years and is known for personal and individual service. Founded in the foothills of the Black Forest in Freiburg im Breisgau in 1938, the company originated as a shoe manufacturer and developed its retail arm over the ensuing years. The company’s six brick-and-mortar stores were joined by an online shop in 2000.

Customers value convenience and speed when it comes to online registration and order processes. Schuhe Lüke makes use of DATAFACTORY AUTOCOMPLETE, a tool that automatically completes postal data, to make sure new customers lose no time filling out otherwise tedious (and error-prone) forms. 

Tobias Lüke, Managing Director of Schuhe Lüke GmbH: “The tool makes it much easier for our online customers to register. They no longer have to type out their complete address information – a simple click in the dropdown menu to select the name of their street and they’re on their way. For our customers it means less ‘work’ and faster ordering. For us, it means improved quality of the addresses in our customer database and avoidance of subsequent costs due to incorrectly entered address information.”

Stage Entertainment: Thrill with musicals

Over the years, Stage Entertainment shows like “Disney’s The Lion King”, “Rocky” and “Disney’s Musical Tarzan” have enchanted millions. This enduring success is based on passion, quality and professionalism in all areas. Professional communication with existing and potential customers that uses correct customer addresses is also an important factor in this success.

Project details

Stage Entertainment is one of the world’s leading companies in the live entertainment field. Year after year, some four million guests see Stage Entertainment musicals in Germany. Using a broad array of marketing tools, an extensive team of sales, marketing and PR professionals generates widespread awareness and broad interest. Dialog marketing is an essential ingredient in this marketing mix.

Stage Entertainment Marketing & Sales sends out millions of mailings every year. Returns are doubly frustrating. First of all, a return means that a mailing didn’t reach a customer. And secondly, the money spent on paper, printing services, enveloping and postage has been wasted. To avoid this, Stage Entertainment works hand-in-hand with Deutsche Post Direkt to maintain its master data.

Prior to each mailing, the addresses of existing and prospective customers are updated with ADDRESSFACTORY AUTOMATIC. Incorrect street names, house numbers, postal codes and city names are corrected, undeliverable addresses are identified as such, relocation addresses ascertained and duplicates are tagged. Not only does this lower the cost of mailings, it also ensures lasting relations with musical fans.

Suzuki: Fast and modern Internet service

Prospective buyers who want to use the Internet to arrange a test drive appointment for a new car or to order a car catalog expect fast and modern service. Suzuki International Europe GmbH provides just that, starting with customer registration at

Project details

Suzuki Motor Corporation is the world’s leading supplier in the minicar segment. It produced 2.86 million vehicles worldwide in the fiscal year.

On the website, prospective customers can make appointments for test drives, order catalogs and newsletters, and get in contact with the company. Suzuki wants to make registration easy, fast and convenient for them while also getting correct and current addresses for its own address database.

Suzuki uses DATAFACTORY AUTOCOMPLETE for autocompletion of postal data. This functionality offers Internet users suggestions that they can quickly and easily select with a click while entering address data, making the registration process quick and convenient for prospective customers. Suzuki gathers correct addresses, reducing the follow-up costs caused by incorrect address information.

TASSO e. V. Targeting donors

Europe’s largest central register of pets is operated by TASSO e.V. It helps to arrange the return of missing animals. As pet registration is free of charge for owners, the association depends on donations. With mail-outs for donations, TASSO e.V. uses an early address check by Deutsche Post Direkt to reduce the number of undeliverable letter mail items and thus the cost.

Project details

For more than 30 years, TASSO e.V. has been dedicated to animal protection and to registering and returning lost pets. More than 7.4 million pets are currently listed on Europe’s largest central pet register.

Cost optimization is always high on the agenda for a charitable organization such as TASSO, and this includes the task of keeping members’ addresses up to date

The member database was updated with ADDRESSFACTORY TAPE. New member addresses will be checked with the street directory DATAFACTORY STREETCODE in future. This will ensure the street, postal code, and town are spelled correctly in the customer database. TASSO offers online users a vet search service in their local area and uses the geo-coordinates of DATAFACTORY GEOCODE for positioning and calculating distances.

Hotel Traube Tonbach: Customer loyalty with five stars

The 5-star superior Hotel Traube Tonbach in the Black Forest is a European leader in the hotel sector. Its excellent quality is reflected in its marketing: Management regularly uses mail-shots to keep guests informed and asks Deutsche Post Direkt to check before dispatch whether the addresses are up-to-date and correct.

Project details

The 5-star superior Hotel Traube Tonbach has been in family ownership for 220 years. More than 300 staff ensure the hotel is characterized by hearty hospitality, a sophisticated atmosphere, and a top-class cuisine. In the “Schwarzwaldstube” gourmet restaurant, directed by the world-renowned chef Harald Wohlfahrt, gourmets enjoy award-winning world-class cuisine.

The very high quality standards that apply at Hotel Traube Tonbach are also applied to its marketing measures. Thus the hotel guests are regularly informed of special campaigns and arrangements by means of appropriate mail-shots. To avoid any errors creeping into the address to customers, the hotel management has the guest addresses checked by Deutsche Post Direkt for up-to-dateness and correctness before the mail-shot is sent out.

All customer addresses are cleansed in postal terms by using ADDRESSFACTORY TAPE. During the last address comparison, the Deutsche Post Direkt team was able to correct twelve percent of the guest addresses and eight percent of undeliverable addresses. Up-to-date relocation addresses help to maintain long-term contact with regular visitors. The up-to-date and correct guest addresses demonstrate both the competence and the customer service of Hotel Traube Tonbach. Thus the hotel also shows its 5-star quality in dialog marketing.

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