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microdialog –

Identifying target group characteristics and new opportunities.

It’s good to know who your customers are

microdialog provides you with valuable statistical target group information. One of the most complete microgeographical systems, microdialog from Deutsche Post Direkt is your key to success when it comes to data enrichment and target group formation for advertising purposes.

Your target groups are characterized precisely with sociodemographic data, consumption data, building data and regional data, as well as data about specific sectors and lifestyles. This enables your advertising – for example with POSTWURFSPEZIAL or POSTAKTUELL – to reach the right recipients.

Greater customer retention and customer acquisition success

With microdialog you analyse what differentiates your top customers from addressees who are not part of your target group. Discover which type of customer is likely to react positively to you contacting them, a new offering, or a changed price structure. You can also take preemptive action as you know which customers are probably in danger of going elsewhere.

When acquiring new customers you can focus on target potential with purchasing power and an affinity to the product – after all, it is you who selects the microdialog features that characterize your dream customers to a tee. In this way, addresses for your personalized, partially addressed or unaddressed direct advertising are compiled in a target-group-specific yet nonetheless data-protection-compliant manner.

microdialog and data protection

The structure and aggregation levels of the microdialog database are designed so that individuals or single-person households cannot be identified. Based on an average of 6.6 households, microcells are formed according to geographical criteria and data aggregated at the microcell level. The data from the individual microcells thus provides statistical probability values. It is therefore impossible to identify individual recipients when forming individual microcells, which has been repeatedly confirmed by data protection oversight authorities.

Making microdialog work for you

Depending on the requirement, Deutsche Post Direkt handles data enrichment or target group formation for you based on microdialog.


  • High contact potential: microdialog boasts almost full nationwide coverage
  • Clear assessment of addresses (e.g., by types or milieus)
  • Localization of target groups at the microcell level
  • Target group-specific direct mailing using fully,  partially addressed, or unaddressed mail
  • Segmentation of customer addresses
  • Minimized scatter losses and costs

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