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Target group-optimized advertising

Would you like to target consumers with current offers via communication that is both far-reaching and target group-specific? Then let us to select precisely those delivery districts in which your target group is particularly well represented for your POSTAKTUELL item.

With the help of information from the microdialog micro-geographical database, target group-optimized distribution of POSTAKTUELL is possible at delivery district level. microdialog from Deutsche Post Direkt offers valuable statistical target group information on practically every address – from socio-demographic information to consumption and structural data, as well as sector and living environment information. By using these criteria, a precise selection of delivery districts can be performed for where your advertising material is to be distributed.

Examples of microdialog attributes

  • Socio-demographic data such as purchasing power, age, family structure
  • Consumption data such as brand loyalty and affinity for online and offline mail order
  • Structural data such as building type and proportion of new buildings
  • Automotive information such as vehicle density and car age
  • Financial information such as affinity for specific banking and insurance products
  • Living environment information on lifestyles, purchasing motives and values

The benefits for you

  • You benefit from a comprehensive and up-to-date database for target group localization
  • Your distribution area is determined specifically according to your target group
  • Your far-reaching communication is targeted, reducing both coverage waste and expense
  • You acquire new customers, foster active customer loyalty and encourage sales


  • Target group description and localization by means of microdialog attributes
  • Distribution of your POSTAKTUELL items in the smallest possible logistical area:
    Only those delivery districts that correspond to your target group criteria will be selected
  • The print template necessary for the distribution of your POSTAKTUELL item can be created upon request

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