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Deutsche Post Direkt – your address specialist

Intelligent address solutions for successful mail advertising.

Online address services
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Address solutions for successful direct advertising

  • Update customer addresses
  • Enrich and analyze addresses
  • Addresses for customer acquisition
  • Use data products in-house
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Bonn, July 25, 2016 - Reach decision-makers and reduce costs with quality addresses

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Maintaining addresses

Customer addresses can become out-of-date due factors such as relocation or a change of name. This results in increased costs when it comes to producing and sending out your mailings.

Take advantage of the services offered by Deutsche Post Direkt to keep your addresses up to date – and enrich them with additional information, as required.

Using data products in-house

Make it easy: Use postal codes, street, building, and geo-data or micro-geographical information in your own applications - for example, in your CRM system, geographical information system or your application for location planning. Integrating the data into your IT infrastructure is simple –from there it can be processed further, providing the ideal parameters for maintaining your customer database or planning your marketing and sales processes.


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Addresses for customer acquisition

When it comes to dialog marketing, identifying the correct target group and having the right address is the most important factor for success – and the greatest challenge.

So why not put your trust in the address specialists of Deutsche Post Direkt. Whether you are approaching business or consumer target groups, with our help, your direct advertising will be right on target.

Approaching private customers

Select your target groups accurately from up-to-date address databases

Approaching business customers

Take a targeted approach to identifying company addresses and decision-makers

Winning over households

We’ll get the best out of your partially addressed and unaddressed direct advertising.


Enrich addresses

Knowing your target group is essential to reaching it.

Let micro-geography optimize your dialog with new and existing customers.


Data protection and data security

Deutsche Post Direkt is a member of the German Dialog Marketing Association (Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband, DDV), and the Alliance for Cyber Security and is certified by ISO/IEC 27001.

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