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Address lists

Increased dialog success with customer addresses
from other companies

As an established address service provider, Deutsche Post Direkt acts as a broker for mail order buyer lists between list owners and advertising companies. Define and characterize your desired target group, whilst we select the ideal entries from our extensive range of business and consumer lists to precisely meet your requirements.

We put particular emphasis on quality: As the only list broker on the German market, Deutsche Post Direkt offers cleansing of undeliverable addresses from consumer lists, free of charge. Given that an average of between 10 and 15 percent of addresses are incorrect in the list broking field, this service can provide you with a substantial cost benefit with regard to address leasing, mailing production, dispatch, and returns.


  • Creation of individual target group offers, tailored to your requirements
  • Cleansing of non-deliverable addresses free of charge
  • Robinson list comparison (no advertising mail households) compiled by the German Direct Marketing Association (DDV), as well as with other address inventories such as your customer data, if desired


  • Increased direct marketing success, as the interests of the recipients are known
  • List qualification, e.g., on the basis of socio-demographic features or regional selections
  • Clear cost reductions by filtering out non-delivery addresses

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