PRESSESENDUNG (standard periodicals)

More effective customer communication

PRESSESENDUNG (standard periodicals) enables you to reach your employees or investors personally, quickly and directly.


As PRESSESENDUNG (standard periodicals), your company’s press products, such as customer magazines or employee newsletters, will arrive safely wherever they go. We deliver quickly and reliably at a price-performance ratio that cannot be beaten.

Overview of the most important features of PRESSESENDUNG (standard periodicals):

  • Freedom in relation to content: Unlike POSTVERTRIEBSSTÜCK (preferred periodicals), the editorial section of PRESSESENDUNG (standard periodicals) allows a great deal of freedom in relation to content (e.g., for product reviews, PR contributions, purchase recommendations).
  • Minimum print run: PRESSESENDUNG (standard periodicals) can be used to dispatch items from a print run of 1,000 copies per issue number.
  • Inserts possible: Add value to your customer magazine or employee newsletter with inserts and product samples, CDs/DVDs or brochures. However: The total weight of the inserts must not exceed the weight of the publication.

Special services

We offer you special services and services which will make your customer magazine, investor or employee newsletter even more attractive and successful.

Inserts: Added value for added attraction

Add value to your customer magazines or employee newsletter and increase your subscription circulation in the long term through inserts. Whether through special issues, advertising leaflets, CDs/DVDs or give-aways: You’ll please your readers with extra information or small gifts and they will know they’ve made the right choice by subscribing to your magazine or newspaper.

Werbeetikett (advertising label): The clever advertising space on the cover of your magazine

We offer you the opportunity to place the brand communication of your advertising customers or your own advertising directly on the address label on your magazine so that it appears like a website banner next to or around the recipient’s address.

PREMIUMADRESS: Ensuring that your readers’ addresses are always up to date

With PREMIUMADRESS you receive notifications about your readers’ incorrect or outdated addresses just a day after the delivery attempt – in the highest quality. The address data is checked by our mail carriers on-site, compared with current databases, such as Deutsch Post's relocation database, and then sent to you electronically. You therefore keep your address database up to date.

Presse Sortierservice (Sorting service for press materials): We’ll sort it all for you
Zusteller mit Postbox

Add value to your publications and increase your subscription circulation in the long term through inserts. Whether through special issues, advertising leaflets, CDs/DVDs or give-aways: You’ll please your regular readers with extra information and small gifts, and new customers will know they’ve made the right choice by subscribing to your magazine or newspaper.

Multiple dispatch

With a Press Distribution agreement, several press products contained in one shipment are individually billed on the basis of their item type and charged to the carrier object. Enclosed POSTVERTRIEBSSTÜCK (preferred periodicals)/PRESSESENDUNG (press periodicals) items are billed at the total weight of the shipment if the front cover has no

  • issue number
  • newspaper code
  • price or
  • barcode

The front cover may be labeled as a special edition, special issue, special etc.

Electronic notification process

Making use of the electronic notification process saves you time and effort. Find out more in our "Presse Distribution Handling: alles klar zum Versand" (Press Distribution Handling: all ready for shipment) brochure.


You can find answers to frequently asked questions on PRESSESENDUNG (standard periodicals) here:

Which press products can be sent as PRESSESENDUNG (standard periodicals)?

These include press products which are published in the commercial interests of a company for your customers or employees, such as a customer magazine or an employee newsletter.

What are the benefits of a customer magazine?
  • Cost-effective tool for customer retention/gaining new customers
  • Image medium for the company
  • Professional tool for customer dialog
  • Contributes to brand awareness
  • Marketing platform for all corporate divisions
What are the benefits of PRESSESENDUNG (standard periodicals)?

Freedom in relation to content in the editorial section (e.g., product reviews, PR contributions, contributions published by companies, purchase recommendations which have an impact on advertising). A distribution method which is free of charge is not required.

What printed material can be sent as PRESSESENDUNG (standard periodicals)?
  • Leaflets
  • Direct mail
  • Mail order catalogs
  • Collected editions where the texts are for the most part not intelligible by themselves
What important formal criteria must be met?
  • Published periodically (at least once every quarter)
  • Always the same internal and external design (e.g., title, layout, format)
  • Periodical must be sent as the main item of dispatch (maximum weight of 1,000 g including inserts)
What kinds of inserts are allowed?
  • Printed material with the same content, e.g., advertising leaflets
  • Objects up to a height of 30 mm, e.g., give-aways, free samples.
  • Bills and payment slips requesting payment for the periodical only and showing the same amount.
What is the minimum posting volume?

1,000 copies per issue number.

What applies to the dispatch of special editions?

Special editions dispatched as Pressesendung (standard periodicals) must also meet all the criteria mentioned above. Otherwise they are billed as INFOPOST items.

What does dispatch preparation involve?
  • Sending wrapped or unwrapped
  • Addressing (sender, recipient address), franking mark
  • Bundle preparation (individual copies must be grouped into bundles whereby bundles are prepared according to the ZEBU-manuell (ZEBU manual) list or the ZEBU file)
  • Pallet preparation (grouping of bundles on pallets in accordance with routing codes)
How is billing carried out?

The sample copy should be sent as PRESSESENDUNG (standard periodicals) with the main dispatch item to the responsible Presse Distribution (Press Distribution) division. We also require a completed posting list and a dispatch list at the same time. We recommend using our electronic procedure to transmit the posting data: Using “AM.portal” means there is no need for a posting list. It also eliminates the requirement for a special dispatch list, and the basic charge is lowered too. The customer receives a bill for every item posted.  The payment is made as a SEPA direct debit.