Added value for added attraction

Whether through special issues, advertising leaflets, CDs/DVDs or give-aways: Add value to your publications and increase your subscription circulation in the long term through inserts.



Inserts such as printed material or objects add value to your magazine and bring it to the attention of your readership. Test the effectiveness of inserts and surprise your regular readers and new customers with additional information or product samples. Your readers will know that they have made the right choice by subscribing to your magazine.


You can find answers to frequently asked questions on inserts here:

What are inserts?

Inserts are divided into printed material and objects

  • Printed matter inserts include advertising leaflets, subscription advertising, requests for charitable donations and corresponding payment slips, postcards and press products without a Presse Distribution agreement.
  • Objects with a maximum height of 2 mm, such as samples and sample products, CDs or DVDs in cardboard covers.
How do I send inserts with my magazine? Loose, stuck on, wrapped?

Printed material is included loose with carrier objects or bound to them. If the printed material is larger than the actual carrier object, the item must be wrapped and dispatched in a way that is safe for transport.

Objects between 3 and 30 mm in height, such as promotional items and give-aways, must be securely attached to the item to prevent slipping. Where inserts are objects, the items must generally be packaged in a secure wrapper that is safe for transport.

How heavy can the insert be?

The main object being sent must be the carrier object. The total weight of the inserts may not be more than the carrier itself. Only in exceptional cases may the weight of all inserts combined outweigh the actual carrier object by no more than 10 % The total weight of an item and its inserts may not exceed 1,000 g.

What needs to be taken into consideration as regards the format?

Items with inserts may not exceed a height of 50 mm. Objects may not exceed 30 mm in height. If the inserts are larger than the actual carrier object, the item must be wrapped and dispatched in a way that is safe for transport.

Is it possible to only include inserts with part of the print run?

Yes, it is also possible to include inserts in only part of the print run.

Is billing based on weight or the number of inserts?

The item weight to be billed comprises the weight of the carrier object (including wrapping) and the weight of all inserts. Bills and payment slips for the subscription fee of the carrier object and objects with a height of 3 to 30 mm will be billed at an additional charge. For objects, dimensions of 0.5 mm and over will be rounded up and dimensions less than 0.5 mm will be rounded down to determine the amount to be billed.

How thick may the item with an insert be?

The item including all inserts and wrappings must not exceed 50 mm in height.