Our service for your circulation

Our special services make our dispatch products even more attractive.


Mehrwert bieten

Offer added value

Enhance the value of your publications through target group-oriented inserts. Whether it’s special issues, leaflets, product samples, CDs or DVDs – your readers will be delighted to receive additional information or small advertising gifts.

  • Help introducing a new publication
  • Increase in the subscription circulation
  • Added value for readers



Gain new subscribers cost-effectively and efficiently

Win over future readers with an original copy or a sample extract of your publication. With particularly attractive shipping costs, we make it easy for you to decide to use this type of subscriber advertising.

  • Specifically target customer groups
  • Use satisfied readers as multipliers
  • Low minimum dispatch volumes



Additional advertising space on the cover of your magazine

We offer you the opportunity to place the brand communication of your advertising customers or your own advertising directly on the address label on your magazine.

 Discover all the different options:

  • To emphasize existing advertisements in the magazine
  • To personally address the reader
  • As a voucher code to enter online
  • As a coupon to submit to the retailer



Damit Sie stets aktuelle Leseradressen besitzen

Ensuring that your readers’ addresses are always up to date

With Premiumadress you receive notifications about your readers’ incorrect or outdated addresses just a day after the delivery attempt – in the highest quality.

  • On-site check by our mail carriers
  • Comparison with current databases
  • Electronic transfer

Presse Sortierservice

Gut sortiert, von uns für Sie

We’ll sort it all for you

With the Presse Sortierservice (Sorting service for press materials) we offer a solution for regional daily newspapers in particular which saves time, materials and therefore money.

  • Saves time and packaging costs
  • No need to prepare for bundles and data processing
  • Option to post to a mail center

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