Manager Presse Distribution

With Manager Presse Distribution, we simplify the postal preparation and mailing of POSTVERTRIEBSSTÜCK (preferred periodicals), PRESSESENDUNG (standard periodicals) and STREIFBANDZEITUNG (wrapper-packed newspapers) items for you.


Publishing software for optimum distribution of Pressepost items.

With MANAGER PRESSE DISTRIBUTION, Deutsche Post offers a proven software solution to help optimize the distribution of your press items – allowing you to prepare mail distribution of POSTVERTRIEBSSTÜCKE (preferred periodicals), PRESSESENDUNGEN (standard periodicals) and STREIFBANDZEITUNGEN (wrapper-packed newspapers).

In addition to optimized distribution, the software also provides comprehensive address management and enables flexible importing of address data in any format. Following optimization, all the production and mailing forms you require are at your disposal, while the integrated mail merge functionality ensures fast label production.

Centralized distribution management

MANAGER PRESSE DISTRIBUTION PROFESSIONAL provides centralized synchronization and management of everything you need for the distribution of your press items – from project data and settings to updates, it’s all covered. Giving you peace of mind that you always have the latest version, no matter how many people are working on a project.  Customer, title and project administration features allow you to systematically organize your customer-supplier relationships when optimizing your Pressepost distribution. The application also makes it easier to ensure compliance with data privacy requirements thanks to its address anonymization functionality for completed projects.
The PROFESSIONAL version has extended functionality, is network-compatible, and can also import and use optimization results from MANAGER PRESSE DISTRIBUTION XML.

Productive networking

The network-capable MANAGER PRESSE DISTRIBUTION PROFESSIONAL takes the stress out organizing mailing operations within a team – and gives the green light to flexible working without being bound to a specific location or to specific computers. Install MANAGER PRESSE DISTRIBUTION on as many computers as you like and enable more of your staff to optimize your distribution projects. By deciding how many licenses to buy, you decide how many users can simultaneously work with the software – anytime and anywhere. Optimized distribution follows the ZEBU file’s postal regulations.

Beratung und Informationen

30-day demo license

Test the Manager Presse Distribution software free of charge. Use the “Downloads” link to download the Manager Presse Distribution application and install it as a demo version.

Your benefits with Manager Presse Distribution:

Efficient Save time and resources with publication distribution
Correct Comply with ZEBU and other dispatch regulations
Versatile Easy use of additional services for your Pressepost items
Convenient Issue correctly-formatted forms, lists and data packages
Flexible Use the PROFESSIONAL version in the network
Synched Ensure that the team has the same information
Secure Regulate user access and restore data with the backup function

Which version of Manager Presse Distribution is the right one for you?

BASIC and PROFESSIONAL – applications for workplaces
Whilst the BASIC version is geared towards customers with their own easy way of dispatching Pressepost items, Manager Presse Distribution PROFESSIONAL is the comprehensive solution for intensive use by publishing companies, printing companies, lettershops, etc. in order to optimize commercial dispatch.

XML – Workflow integration into existing IT environments
As an XML-based solution, you get a mature solution that can be controlled externally through nearly all system environments for dispatch optimization. Manager Presse Distribution XML is our module for you that you can integrate into your highly automated production flow/data flow for the dispatch optimization of Pressepost items.

Basic / Professional

Manager Presse Distribution: Which version is the right one for you?

We recommend at least the following system requirements for installation and operation:


Feature list


  Basic Professional
Concurrent user licenses/User administration/Network compatibility  
Customer administration with data protection functions (delete or anonymize data)  
Press product ID (ZKZ) management and project management
Reference documents per press product ID (ZKZ)  

Address management

  Basic Professional
Address import (txt, csv, xls, dbf and mdb) incl. import templates
Merging: Address sources/files, multiple recipients for duplicates  
Address check and duplicate search
Form of address check, Nixie comparison, advanced address check and duplicate search  
Import/export Pack & Go (incl. password protection)

Dispatch of Pressepost items

  Basic Professional
Postvertriebsstück (preferred periodicals), Pressesendung (standard periodicals) (bundles and pallets in accordance with the ZEBU file) and Streifbandzeitung (wrapper-packed newspapers)
Presse International (bundles, trays, other parcels, pallets)  
Dispatch services: Same-day service, next-day service (SLN), second-day service (ELN), Basic-Service (ELN)
Special handling for multiple recipients: Streifbandzeitung (wrapper-packed newspapers) and/or other parcels  

Special types of dispatch and special services

  Basic Professional
Insert/type control (split run): Inserts, multiple dispatch, Werbeetikett (advertising label)  
Optimization for single/multiple flow process or mixed formats, individual route planning  
Special services (full use only): Werbeetikett (advertising label), Premiumadress, GoGreen   

Creating address labels/mail merge

  Basic Professional
Specification of print template labels (e.g., Cheshire), cover letters, nested printing, etc.
Data matrix code for Premiumadress, QR code, barcode
Spelling check, text length check, layout check, Premiumadress
Address export in standard formats (txt, csv, xls, dbf, mdb, xml) inkjet export, PDF export

Posting/dispatch documents and billing data

  Basic Professional
Bundle and pallet labels, pick-up notifications, electronic bundling plan
Order management (AM.exchange and AM.portal) und posting lists
Label editor (bundle labels and pallet labels  
Collective notification for pallet pick-up  
IT-franking for Streifbandzeitung (wrapper-packed newspapers)   DV
DV = IT Franking module     

Statistical analyses

  Basic Professional
Project statistics and lists for the geographical distribution of lists  
Map tool for the graphical illustration of address distribution  



Manager Presse Distribution will save you a great deal of work.

Up-to-date, simple and transparent: With this software, Deutsche Post AG is offering you a convenient way to organize the distribution of your press products on your own PC. Manager Presse Distribution will have paid for itself by your next campaign.

Single user price (Basic)


Price per license

Manager Presse Distribution Basic

 EUR 195,00

Update subscription Manager Presse Distribution Basic*

EUR 95,00

Network license (Professional)

  Price per license
Manager Presse Distribution Professional                    
EUR 495,00
Update subscription Manager Presse Distribution Professional* EUR 145,00
Upgrade from Basic to Professional EUR 300,00

All prices exclude statutory value added tax.

* The price for the update subscription is due only once per calendar year and includes all updates of the corresponding calendar year.



  Price per license
Basic IT Franking module**              
EUR 2500,00
Additional IT Franking module EUR 500,00

All prices exclude statutory value added tax.

* The price for the update subscription is due only once per calendar year and includes all updates of the corresponding calendar year.
**The basic module is for one licensed user and must be purchased only once for Manager Presse Distribution or Dialogpost Manager. The add-on module must be purchased for all additional licensed users.



You can find answers to frequently asked questions on Manager Presse Distribution here:

Got a question to ask the support team?
We will answer your question as quickly as possible.


What data volume capacity does Manager Presse Distribution have?

There are no restrictions as regards data volume in the application’s processes. The complexity of projects and the data volume may have an influence on processing times. However, the performance of the system on which the application is running also has an influence here.

How is Manager Presse Distribution version 7.0 or higher installed on a network?

A network version of Manager Presse Distribution has been available since version 7.0. If you wish to run Manager Presse Distribution on a network, you can install the application for this on a group drive or on a normal PC within your network. The relevant employees must be able to access this installation from their PCs. Since Manager Presse Distribution is not run as a service on a server, it is sufficient, just as before, to simply create a link to the Manager Presse Distribution program file (mpd.exe) on the PC desktop.
With version 7.0, the following functions have been implemented under the generic term “Network capability”:     

  • User/rights management
  • Protection of project folders
  • Changing to a concurrent user license

You can find more information in these instructions for installation on a network:


ZEBU updates are generally released twice a year. You can find these updates, and all other updates, in the “Download” area on the home page for www.managerpressedistribution.de. Download the executable update file to your MANAGER PRESSE DISTRIBUTION program directory and start running the file.

There is also an option to obtain a ZEBU data medium which, in addition to the common ZEBU data formats, contains the relevant ZEBU updates for the MANAGER PRESSE DISTRIBUTION and MANAGER PRESSE DISTRIBUTION XML applications.

You can order ZEBU data media for regular delivery to Deutsche Post Direkt GmbH or your responsible customer advisor at DEUTSCHE POST.

Deutsche Post Direkt GmbH
Sträßchensweg 10
53113 Bonn, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)228 182 57 111
Fax:  +49 (0)228 182 57 139
E-mail: postdirekt@postdirekt.de

How will I be informed that new versions and updates are available for MANAGER PRESSE DISTRIBUTION?

The application contains a function which checks for news/updates.
This can be called up ad-hoc via the menu item -> Hilfe [Help] - Internet - News-Prüfung [News check] and/or Update-Prüfung [Update check]. New features relating to the application and the latest updates and versions will be displayed. Then click on the relevant update in the list to download/install it.
However, you can also get MANAGER PRESSE DISTRIBUTION to automatically search for updates on the Deutsche Post AG website. Via the menu item -> Extras [Tools] - Optionen [Options] on the Internet tab, simply set the relevant parameters for the desired “Automatische Überprüfung” [Automatic check]. At the end of the set time interval, the latest news/updates will automatically be displayed when you start the application.

Which components does a ZKZ (Zeitungskennzahl - press product ID) have?

The press product ID (ZKZ) is a unique 5-digit identification number for the mail dispatch of Postvertriebsstück (preferred periodicals) and Pressesendung (standard periodicals). The ZKZ comprises 5 digits, whereby 4-digit character sequences should be entered with a leading zero. The letter which used to precede the ZKZ is no longer used.

What does the ISSN field stand for?

The ISSN field stands for “International Standard Serial Number” and is used for the global unique identification of publications which appear consecutively. This number is not a mandatory field in MANAGER PRESSE DISTRIBUTION and can be entered as required (e.g., to be printed on the label).

How can I set another person as a mailer if I am working in supplier mode?

In supplier mode, in addition to internal use, MANAGER PRESSE DISTRIBUTION can also manage other customers, e.g., your customers. You can enter these with your master data under customer administration.
Under ZKZ administration, you can select any customer which is included under customer administration as a mailer, sender or other payer for this press product.
You can also make these changes in the ongoing project.

Why is the Premiumadress impression marked in red in mail merge?

It is likely that you have not activated Premiumadress in your project. First, tick "Premiumadress verwenden” [Use Premiumadress] under the Optionen [Options] tab in the processing settings. It is even easier if you activate Premiumadress under the Zusatzleistungen [Special services] tab in ZKZ administration for the relevant ZKZ.
In both cases, a customer number is automatically required. This is checked by the Manager Presse Distribution application.

How do I create the data matrix code for Premiumadress outside Manager Presse Distribution?

You can do this via an address export in conjunction with the "Deutsche Post Premiumadress" font included in the scope of delivery.

Further information can be found in the following instructions:

Which fonts are machine-readable?

MANAGER PRESSE DISTRIBUTION recognizes a large number of the machine-readable fonts permitted by Deutsche Post and automatically identifies which of these fonts are installed on your system. In mail merge, via Extras [Tools] -> Maschinenlesbare Schriften [Machine-readable fonts] you can see a list of fonts classified as machine-readable.

Why when printing out the labels (matrix printer, continuous paper) do the margins slip after page 2?

The paper type must be set to continuous labels under document properties.


At a glance:

All downloads for Manager Presse Distribution.



Manager Presse Distribution - Software


Manager Presse Distribution 7.7.1 SP3 Full and Demo Version (ZIP, 76,4 MB)

Prerequisites: Microsoft Windows 10
Manager Presse Distribution ZEBU-Data 2.2021 (EXE, 1,4 MB) Prerequisites: Microsoft Windows 10, Manager Presse Distribution 7.0 or higher
Manager Presse Distribution ZEBU-Data 1.2021 (EXE, 1,4 MB) Prerequisites: Microsoft Windows 10, Manager Presse Distribution 7.0 or higher

Manager Presse Distribution Postal Routing Data 4.2021
(EXE, 7,8 MB)

Prerequisites: Microsoft Windows 10, Manager Presse Distribution 7.0 or higher
Manager Presse Distribution Price and Product List v48(EXE, 1,2 MB) Prerequisites: Microsoft Windows 10, Manager Presse Distribution 7.0 or higher

Manager Presse Distribution Acceptance Offices 11/2020 
(EXE, 1,2 MB)

Prerequisites: Microsoft Windows 10, Manager Presse Distribution 7.7 or higher

Manager Presse Distribution - forms for printing

Manager Presse Distribution Datafactory Streetcode order form
(PDF, 0,2 MB)
Formulare zum Ausdrucken

Manager Presse Distribution XML – Software und Documentation

Manager Presse Distribution XML ZEBU-Data 2.2021
(ZIP, 0,3 MB)
Prerequesites: Manager Presse Distribution XML 2.0 or higher 
Manager Presse Distribution XML ZEBU-Data 1.2021
(ZIP, 0,3 MB)
Prerequesites: Manager Presse Distribution XML 2.0 or higher  
Manager Presse Distribution XML Price and Product List v48 (ZIP, 0,1 MB) Prerequesites: Manager Presse Distribution XML 2.0 or higher
Manager Presse Distribution XML Acceptance Offices 11/2020 
(ZIP, 0,1 MB)
Prerequesites: Manager Presse Distribution XML 2.12 or higher
Manager Presse Distribution XML Integration Manual
(PDF, 1,3 MB)
Manager Presse Distribution XML version history (Version 2.13.0)(PDF, 0,1 MB)  


The automated XML solution for your dispatch optimization.

Manager Presse Distribution XML provides the best conditions for processing high print run and varied Pressepost shipments in batch operation.

This naturally also applies to smaller print runs. Here, the optimization-relevant parameters (e.g., item weight, bundle weight, transport network) are automatically read as XML files from your source systems (e.g., your subscription management). The optimization of your Pressepost shipments can then take place automatically without any manual interaction. The results of the optimization can then also be transferred to your live systems as an XML data package for further processing at defined locations.

The optimization results include all the data relevant to processing, billing and posting (e.g., the exchange of data via electronic order management, labeling of address labels, information for type/variant control, etc.).

We will be glad to provide you with a detailed manual for Manager Presse Distribution XML which describes the integration of the solution into IT work environments. We also offer you the option of testing the application first, free of charge, as a demo version.

You can find detailed information and the guide as a PDF > here



Prices for Manager Presse Distribution XML


Manager Presse Distribution XML                                                            

EUR 4,575.00*

Subscription updates per calendar year

EUR 1,075.00*

*Plus statutory VAT


Advice and information

Deutsche Post AG
Heinrich-Brüning-Str. 5
53113 Bonn



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