Werbeetikett (advertising label)

Attractive extra for your advertising customers

Benefit from address labels as an attractive - and personalized - advertising space on your POSTVERTRIEBSSTÜCK and PRESSESENDUNG items.


We offer you the opportunity to place the brand communication of your advertising customers or your own advertising on the cover of the magazine, so that it appears like a website banner next to or around the recipient’s address.

There are numerous options available:

  • Boost your advertising: Twice the impact – couple the advertising label with an advertisement on the cover, in the magazine or with a product sample.
  • Sales promotions via a coupon: Add a voucher code to the label to be entered online or design it as a coupon to be presented to a retailer.
  • Personalized and measurable: The impact can be further magnified by personalizing the label. For example, by combining within personalized websites appropriate to the campaign with the help of address dialog.

All in all, this means the following for your advertising customers: greater advertising impact, higher communication impact and – with the help of personalized labels – greater opportunities for measurable responses.

Got other ideas, or questions about requirements and the prices for using the Werbeetikett (advertising label)?

Here are some design examples:

Werbung auf Etiketten

Personalisierte Produktwerbung

Werbung auf Etiketten

Personalisierte Produktwerbung mit Aktionshinweis im Heft

Werbung auf Etiketten

Produktwerbung verknüpft
mit persönlicher Landing Page im Internet

Etikett als Coupon

Etikett zu Nutzung als Coupon


You can find answers to frequently asked questions on WERBEVERSAND (promotional mailing) here:

For which products can I use the Werbeetikett (advertising label) special service?

The Werbeetikett (advertising label) special service enables our customers to use address labels for advertising purposes on POSTVERTRIEBSSTÜCK (preferred periodicals) and PRESSESENDUNG (standard periodicals) items.

What benefits does the advertising label offer?

The advertising label offers an additional advertising space for advertising customers which can also be used for publisher’s own advertising campaigns. There are various possible uses – ranging from simple, personalized advertising

What requirements must be observed when using the advertising label?

A valid agreement must have been concluded for the shipment to carry an advertising label. In addition, the planned advertising label must be agreed with Deutsche Post before dispatch. Only then can it be ensured that the layout of the advertising label does not delay the shipment sorting process and thus impact the transit time of the shipment.

Can I design the advertising label as I wish?

We are pleased to deal with any queries you may have regarding the layout of the advertising label and will also try to accommodate your requests. However, some areas on the address label must be retained for postal purposes. In addition, the font size and type and a minimum label size must meet our requirements.

Your customer adviser at Deutsche Post will be happy to provide you with detailed advice about the various design options for an advertising label.

What does this special service cost?

The prices for the Werbeetikett (advertising label) special service can be found in the current  Price list for National Press Distribution (Presse Distribution National).

How is Werbeetikett (advertising label) billed?

Werbeetikett (advertising label) is billed together with the other services for the shipment being posted. The item will be listed separately on the bill. The payment is made by direct debit.

How often can I use the advertising label?

Provided the layout of the advertising label meets our requirements, this special service can be used as often as you wish.


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