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Target new customers

With POSTWURFSPEZIAL you can send advertising material designed to acquire new customers.

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What you can send

  • Advertising material with wrapping or open
  • Attractive self-mailers
  • Postcards designed to activate customers
  • Written communications and documents, e.g. offers, product information; free samples, patterns and promotional items can be enclosed; even sachets can be enclosed
  • Image advertising, political advertising
  • Invitations to attend events (e.g. open days, community festivals, exhibitions, sales presentations)
  • Invitations to take part in competitions
  • Appeals for donations
  • Brochures, catalogs, newspapers, magazines

What you cannot send

  • Merchandise intended for sale (excluding books, brochures, newspapers and magazines)
  • Payment requests (e.g. invoices, payment reminders, notifications of charges, etc.)

What we can do for you

Leistungen Postwurfspezial - Beratung
Leistungen Postwurfspezial - Selektion
Leistungen Postwurfspezial - Beschriftung
Leistungen Postwurfspezial - Zustellung

1. Consultancy

Your customer account manager is happy to help with order processing on request. Or purchase the full service offering for integrated solutions to help you succeed when communicating with new customers.

2. Selection

In Deutsche Post Direkt's self-service tool, use the wide range of selection criteria to choose exactly the right target group for your advertising message out of more than 34 million reachable* households. Whether your target group contains businesses or consumers – reach your advertising target with us.

*Excluding households that have opted out

3. Presenting the data

In accordance with data protection rules, we only release the data you select to your service provider or posting contractor so they can address the items.

4. Delivery

You can rely on us to deliver your partially addressed advertising mail to the selected households.

Flexibility and planning certainty

Small print runs

Send small volumes from 4,000 items at a low cost.
Test your advertising mail with POSTWURFSPEZIAL EASY before sending large print runs.  

Select the target group online

You can use our simple self-service tool as often as you like to select your perfect target group, save your counts, and calculate and compare your campaign costs. It takes only a few clicks to select your target group. You can also send trigger-based print mailings to your previously unknown web site visitors, in a fully automated process with no need to log in.

Effective mailing planning

The DIALOGPOST MANAGER dispatch software helps you prepare your partially addressed mailings. It makes it easy to import the transmitted partial addresses and generates documents such as important production lists and posting lists.

Intelligent add-ons you can combine and benefit from

Target groups and analyses

Zielgruppen und Analyse

Get to know your target group better and benefit from our professional address analyses.

It's good to know who your new customers are

A wide range of selection criteria means you can select potential new customers by topic at the building level – start the dialog.

microdialog database

Knowing your customers better means they are easier to activate

Systematic processing and analysis of your existing customers allows you to effectively launch customer-specific mailing campaigns to acquire new customers.

Deutsche Post Direkt analyses

Production and dispatch

Produktion und Versand

Track your advertising material all the way to the customer or use our convenient full service offerings.

Print and online combined

With TRACK&MATCH you always know the current status of your print mailings. That means you can make targeted use of digital reinforcement.  


Responses made easy

INFOCARD offers you a high-impact postcard with integrated response function. It makes responding very easy.


Full service for your mailings

From design, to printing and dispatch, to delivery – BESTSELLER MAIL gives you a complete service for your customer acquisition campaigns at a fixed price.


Turn unknown web site visitors into new customers

Our offline retargeting uses the latest technologies to localize users of your web site in accordance with data protection rules. Through their browsing behavior, internet users activate a trigger and then automatically receive a personalized print mailing tailored to their interests. In this way you reach the visitors at the moment of interest, with a personalized offering by post generating valuable new customers.


Analysis and optimization

Auswertung und Optimierung

Quickly measure the impact of your advertising mail or get help optimizing your mailings.

Perfect combination of offline and online

Combine your advertising material with an online response feature to demonstrably boost your advertising success. Get the results quickly, presented clearly and informatively.


For quick responses with matrix code

Individualize your advertising material and your customers' responses. You can track, analyze and very easily bill for individual items.


Responses made easy

Do you want to make it easy for your customers to order or request information? With WERBEANTWORT, customers simply need to add to preprinted data, with optional free postage.  


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