Responseplus with post matrix code: Manage your dialog marketing activities

RESPONSEPLUS optimizes your dialog marketing activities. It makes it easier for your customers to reply and provides you with a tool for effective response analysis. Pre-printed response elements customized with your own company look, whether in postcard or letter form, are add-ons that enhance your advertising appeal. A so-called "referral card" can be used to encourage your customers to recommend your products/services to others. Costs are determined using the post matrix code on each item and settled on a monthly basis.

Potential uses of Responseplus:

  • Request for informational materials (e.g. catalogues, trial products, samples)
  • Invitations, registration, reservations
  • Purchase orders for products or services
  • Sweepstakes
  • Referral marketing
  • Production recommendations

Advantages of the post matrix code:

  • Increased efficiency: Optimize your campaign with detailed response analysis
  • Minimized cost: Automatic calculation of volumes
  • Simplified management: Monthly accounting in exact amounts
  • Advertising enhancements: Franking can include a customized image/logo

Responseplus - Reply or Referral item:

Ideal for centrally managed subsidiaries or branch offices: The single billing procedure does away with petty cash accounting in regional offices.

  • Classic response element as postcard or reply letter
  • Simplified accounting and evaluation for subsidiaries and branch offices
  • Various franking options available: You either assume the complete cost of postage or have your customer share the cost

Referral marketing with the "tell a friend" postcard: Give your customers to chance to recommend your products to their friends and family. Take advantage of your customers' marketing potential - happy, satisfied customers make for the best kind of advertising there is!

  • Referral marketing - customers help win new customers: More readily accepted form of advertising
  • Personal, targeted approach
  • Postcards in customized design
  • The advertiser pays for postage

The use of RESPONSEPLUS requires express written agreement. Learn more from your customer service representative.

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