Responseplus: Customized direct marketing

How Responseplus works:

Building the post matrix code
All RESPONSEPLUS items feature the post matrix code. The post matrix code contains information essential to the item. The following information is stored in the code:
  • Product type
  • Customer, i.e. advertising party
  • Campaign information
  • Additional information

Requirements for the post matrix code
  • Written contract: Required
  • Use of a dynamic post matrix code: Responsibility of the customer
  • Latest "Responseplus" specifications: Required for proper programming. Specifications are made available upon conclusion of contract.
  • Software: Freeware available on the Internet; Deutsche Post does not supply software
  • Support: Your customer service representative will be glad to assist you.

RESPONSEPLUS is a contractual product which makes the use of the post matrix code and the dispatch of RESPONSEPLUS items possible only upon successful conclusion of contract.

Please contact your customer service representative or click here to contact us.

Certification process: You print 120 test items to be tested by Deutsche Post. The post matrix code must meet the required specifications in full.
You may print the entire run only once the certification process has been completed.
Now it's time to get started! Your campaign can launch and your customers will begin receiving your items in the mail.
The customer responds - the item is either returned to you, in the form of a reply, or sent on as a recommendation to a potential customer.
Thanks to the post matrix code, each items sent is recorded for accounting.

All responses are captured and can therefore be evaluated upon request. The post matrix code can help calculate exact volumes. This also simplifies the accounting process, which features central billing on a monthly basis for the entire campaign.

Upon special written agreement, the ordering party can obtain access to campaign-specific data for analysis. Increase the effectiveness of upcoming activities by evaluating your campaign's successes and shortcomings.

Layout for Responseplus items:

Responseplus - Reply

RESPONSEPLUS Reply allows for either a postage paid impression or the use of a customized image/logo. This turns the returned items into effective advertising.
Each RESPONSEPLUS Reply card features a dynamic post matrix code containing billing information.


  • Inscription "Deutsche Post RESPONSEPLUS (incl. post horn logo)"
  • The correct postage paid impression
  • Printed address
  • Post matrix code positioned above the address, printed in black

Further details can be found in the product brochure Business Reply and Responseplus.

* The franking wave is made available upon conclusion of contract.

RESPONSEPLUS Reply items must be:

  • machine-readable
  • in 'machinable' layout and
  • suitable for machine processing

The address must be printed.
For details please see our brochure Machinable Letters

Responseplus - Referral

The sky is the limit for RESPONSEPLUS referral items. Make the Responseplus Referral your company’s calling card with a customizable franking area and plenty of room for your own text.
Each RESPONSEPLUS Referral card features a dynamic post matrix code containing billing information.


* The franking wave is made available upon conclusion of contract.

RESPONSEPLUS Referral items must be:

  • in 'machinable' layout and
  • suitable for machine processing.

The address is handwritten on the card by the referring customer.
For details regarding layout and design please see our brochure Machinable Letters

Please note: The use of RESPONSEPLUS requires express written agreement. Learn more from your customer service representative.

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