A great – and cost-effective – way to reach new customers!

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With us, standing out from the crowd doesn’t have to be at any price. Just the best one.

Reach your potential customers selectively and cost-effectively.

Make an impression: if you tailor your advertising individually, you will acquire new customers more efficiently.

New customers are simply waiting for the right offer. You just need to know who you are looking for. Accurate targeting will help you achieve your customer acquisition goals more quickly.

Simply choose the right product from our range of targeted customer acquisition offerings. The latest CMC print mailing study. Combine them individually and flexibly with other special services. In this way, you will benefit from:

  • an attention-grabbing way to stimulate new customer acquisition
  • precisely targeted contact with potential customers and unknown web site visitors through high-quality address data, fully compliant with data protection rules
  • increased response rates through targeted activation of your customers
  • results measurement through combined offline and online tracking
  • Simple processing through full-service products


Acquire new customers on a targeted basis without your own addresses

You know which of your customers generate the best revenues. With us, you can find the households of potential new customers that meet these criteria.

  • Easy to select
  • Optimized printing and production costs
  • Cost-effective delivery
  • Precisely targeted und attention-grabbing for effective lead generation

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Reach potential new customers: in an individual and automated process

Send physical mailings to your web site visitors, even if they did not log in or leave an address.
Surprise your potential customers with offers they are genuinely interested in and tell them how just good you and your services are.

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