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You can take different routes to your target group. Or take the direct one.

Use mailings to reach existing customers, acquire new customers, or increase your coverage.


Take your company directly to its target: inside the mind of your customers.


With us, standing out from the crowd doesn’t have to be at any price. Just the best one.

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You can stay on the shelf or be on 40 million shopping lists.

DIALOGPOST – Dialogue marketing as it should be.

Mailings by post are the most personal connection between you and your customers. You stir up emotions and stay in your customers’ memory. The more personal the approach, the more effective the communication.
DIALOGPOST is an easy way for you to wow your customers because it is exactly what direct contact with customers should be: simple, efficient, networked, and flexible.


Do you want to acquire new customers, strengthen the loyalty of existing customers, or increase your coverage? DIALOGPOST makes it easy for you to find the right product, because all offers are tailored to your advertising targets.


The shortest link between two objects is a straight line. Address your customers directly and tailor your offers individually. This minimizes waste coverage whilst simultaneously increasing your advertising success.


A physical mailing that feels tailor-made? DIALOGPOST combines the strengths of advertising mailings with intelligent, data-based special services in line with your requirements.


Wow your target group throughout the customer journey. Optimum dialogue marketing networks physical and digital channels.

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