API Prospektservice for Agencies and Online Print Shops

Do you operate an online platform where your customers can create and order advertising flyers?

PROSPEKTSERVICE offers you a free interface (API) that allows you to embed distribution planning functions for household advertising right into your own online platform. For example, it would allow your customers to designate an exact radius around their store and target advertising flyers to the exact store location. Household advertising can also be targeted according to locales or post office boxes.

With PROSPEKTSERVICE Online, you can retrieve orders from the server and easily print out the corresponding dispatch documents. Afterward, you can mail your customers' household advertisements as unaddressed mail at the nearest Deutsche Post location.

How do you benefit?

  • Efficient distribution planning for your customers
    Your customers can specifically tailor the number of flyers to store location.
  • More convenient service for your customers
    Flyers are not sent to your customers' addresses-they are distributed directly by Deutsche Post.
  • More profit for you as platform operator
    Prospektservice provides real added value for your customers. This increases customer retention, results in new customers and helps to increase profits.

The API Prospektservice is free. Contact us - we will send you the API documentation and would be happy to assist you further.