merchandise shipment

Nationwide shipment of merchandise

"Warensendung" offers a reasonably priced shipping of books, catalogs, and items within Germany

NEW: Name change and maximum weight increase up to 2,000 grams as of July 1, 2024

With "Warensendung",  you have three attractive options of merchandise shipping: Warensendung merchandise shipments up to 500 grams, Warensendung merchandise shipments up to 1,000 grams and Warensendung merchandise shipments up to 1,000 grams with a weight surcharge (up to a maximum of 2,000 grams).


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EUR 2.25

Length: up to 35.3 cm
Width: up to 25 cm
Height: up to 5 cm
Weight: 500 g

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EUR 2.55

Length: up to 35.3 cm
Width: up to 25 cm
Height: up to 5 cm
Weight: 1,000 g

Weight surcharge for Warensendung

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EUR +0.85

Length: up to 35.3 cm
Width: up to 25 cm
Height: up to 5 cm
Weight: up to 2,000 g

* Only in combination with the Warensendung 1,000 basic product


Merchandise Shipment (Warensendung) in Detail

"Warensendung" is particularly suitable for spare parts, small electronic devices, catalogs, mobile phone accessories, data carriers, textiles, household goods and much more!

Your Benefits:

  • Reasonably priced shipping of your books and merchandise
  • Closed delivery of your shipment
  • Uniform shipment formats

Special features in shipping:

  • Transit time of 4 working days
  • Reserved shipping
  • Without contract

WARENPOST for business customers

Fast shipping for your small-sized goods including shipment tracking. The alternative to merchandise shipping "Warensendung".

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Alternatives for national delivery of goods

DHL Päckchen
from 3,99 €

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L: 15–35 cm
W: 11–25 cm
H: 1–10 cm
up to 2 kg

DHL Paket
from 5,49 €

Learn more

L: 15–120 cm
W: 11–60 cm
H: 1–60 cm
up to 31,5 kg

from 1,60 €

Purchase now

L: 10–35,3 cm
W: 7–25 cm
H: up to 2 cm
up to 500 g

from 2,75 €

Purchase now

L: 10–35,3 cm
W: 7–25 cm
H: up to 5 cm
up to 1.000 g

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting July 1, 2024, our “Bücher- und Warensendung” books and merchandise shipping service will be renamed “Warensendung” and feature a maximum weight increase from 1,000 to 2,000 grams. Items that fall into the new weight category will be subject to a surcharge of EUR 0.85 on the Warensendung 1,000 service. Also starting on that date, Bücher- und Warensendung shipments should no longer be marked with the abbreviation "BüWa" above the address but instead with "Warensendung".

No. Only the name will change. With Warensendung, you can still ship the same contents as before, i.e., books, merchandise and small goods.

You can send product samples, models or items of any kind, which by their nature are to be regarded as goods. Thus, the most diverse things such as books, spare parts, electronic devices, mobile phone accessories, data carriers, textiles and household goods are inexpensive to ship.  However, letter writing is not allowed as Warensendung. An invoice or delivery note and other accompanying documents may be attached to the goods.

The merchandise shipment must be clearly marked with the abbreviation "Warensendung" on the envelope above the recipient's address.

The merchandise shipment can be delivered via mailbox or to all branches of Deutsche Post. It should be noted that the shipment is marked above the address with the label "Warensendung". A posting list is not required. In addition, merchandise shipments may be delivered reservedly. For the control of the tariff conditions, an opening and content examination is permitted by our coworkers.

For Warensendung, all postage types of Deutsche Post are approved (including postal stamps).

The "Warensendung 500" and "Warensendung 1,000" can be combined with "Premiumaddress". Other services are not available.

The merchandise shipment cannot be combined with additional services such as registered mail or cash on delivery.

If your goods are thicker than 5 cm, you can use the parcel products from DHL, which have a higher price but offer a shorter delivery time (usually 1-2 working days). Or you can ship via DHL package, which has a better delivery time and additional features (liability, delivery against signature, etc.).

Yes, just like parcels, it is also possible for Warensendung to have them sent directly to a Packstation nearby at no extra charge. This must be stated directly during the ordering process or when sending. This also requires prior registration of the recipient at the Packstation.

Normally the delivery takes place via the mailbox of the recipient. Since the merchandise shipments are up to 5 cm in height, this may be too large for the mailbox of the recipient (usually only a 4 cm slit height) and if the recipient is not at home, the shipment, as well as parcels, will be either handed to a neighbor or brought to a branch. The recipient is then informed with a notification card of the whereabouts of the shipment. A delivery to the Packstation is also possible. Warensendung cannot be combined with additional services such as registered mail or cash on delivery.