Economical book dispatch

  • Available only for print products
  • Delivery time: four working days

New dispatch option: Bücher- und Warensendung (book and merchandise) item

Information regarding our new Bücher- und Warensendung (book and merchandise) item dispatch offers can be found here.

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Printed books, brochures, sheet music and maps can be sent as a BÜCHERSENDUNG (book item). Addressed written communications (letters) are not permitted. You may also enclose invoices/delivery notes, pre-printed payment forms, reply envelopes/return labels as well as lending cards or book inventory cards. BÜCHERSENDUNG (book) items may not serve commercial purposes.

Before you declare an item as a BÜCHERSENDUNG (book) item, please note the restrictions and rules outlined under Frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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The following dispatch options for Büchersendung (book) items are available for franking up until December 31, 2019. As an alternative, customers can also take advantage of two new dispatch products that are already available: Bücher- und Warensendung 500 (book and merchandise items 500) and Bücher- und Warensendung 1000 (book and merchandise items 1000).

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BÜCHERSENDUNG (book) item prices

Format Price Dimensions Weight   Additional information
Groß (large) €1,20 *Print stamps
L: 10 - 35,3 cm
W: 7 - 30 cm
H: up to 15 cm
Up to 500 g
Maxi €1,70 *Print stamps
L: 10 - 35,3 cm
W: 7 - 30 cm
H: bis 15 cm
Up to 1.000 g  

*All prices are final and exempt from value added tax (VAT) pursuant to the UStG (German VAT act).
**PayPal for purchases € 1 and up


A new offer for our business customers: WARENPOST (merchandise mail)

Offers fast dispatch for small format goods and includes order tracking (Track & Trace).

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