Services and prices

With the Prospektservice software solutions you can choose between Prospektservice 2009, with many useful features for efficiently preparing dispatches, and the free Prospektservice Online, where our delivery districts can be selected.

Prospektservice prices

  2009 Online
One-time charge EUR 174.00 * Free
Individual update EUR 83.00 * Free
Update subscription EUR 59.00 * Free

* Including statutory VAT. Recommend retail price


2009 Online
Internet connection - Yes
Operating systems supported:
Windows Yes Yes
Mac OS - Yes
Linux - Yes


2009 Online
Flexible control of household number updates. Yes -
Bundling according to delivery district. Yes Yes
Bundling according to delivery base. Yes -
Structure data (including purchasing power, retail trade density, car ratio). Yes Yes
Various other structure data. Yes -
Large coverage (including towns and cities, parts thereof, postcode areas). Yes Yes
Small coverage. - Yes
Context sensitive help Yes -